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<ul><li> 1. Climate Change:Fitting the pieces together Presented by:Newbies Group</li></ul> <p> 2. Do you remember ONDOY? 3. Are you one of them? 4. Are you ready for this? 5. What have we done? 6. WE ARE ALL VICTIM 7. CLIMATE CHANGE Is a change in the statisticaldistribution of weather overperiodic of time that range fromdecades to millions of years. Climate change may be limited to aspecific region or may occur acrossthe whole earth or planet 8. GLOBAL WARMINGIs the increase in the averagetemperature of Earths near-surface, air and ocean 9. What causes climate change?Natural Causes Continental Drift Volcanoes The Earths Tilt Ocean Currents 10. Continental Driftis the movement of Earths continents relative to each other. 11. Volcanoes 12. The Earths Tilt 13. Ocean Currents 14. What causes climate change?Human Cause Green House Gases 15. Greenhouse effectIncreasing greenhouse gases trap more heat 16. Greenhouse gases Carbon dioxideNitrous oxideMethane Water Sulfur hexafluoride 17. Could the warming be natural? 18. Is it real? 19. Effects: Snow and iceGrinnell Glacier, Glacier National Park1900 and 2008 20. Aspen, CO Forecast:Partly cloudy todayHigh : 28FLow: 13FIncreasing cloudsover night. Coldertomorrow. 21. Effects on ecosystems 22. U.K.: Train rails buckle Germany: Lowest river levels this century France: &gt;14,000 deaths Switzerland: Meltingglaciers, avalanchesPortugal: Forest fires 2003 European Heat Wave 23. Sea-level rise projections : a few inches toa few feet2 ft: U.S. would lose 10,000 square miles3 ft: Would submerge Miami 24. Produce more fuel-efficient vehiclesReduce vehicle useImprove energy-efficiency in buildingsDevelop carbon capture and storage processesTriple nuclear powerIncrease solar powerDecrease deforestation/plant forestsImprove soil carbon management strategies 25. Individual actionsTune up Unplugyourappliances orUse massfurnace plug into atransit, bike, power strip and walk, roller switch it offskateCaulk, Buy water-savingweatherstrip,appliances and insulate, and toilets; installingreplace oldBuy products low-flow shower windowswith a U.S. EPA heads. Energy Star label</p>


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