Effective methods for recording student feedback

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<ul><li> 1. Who in this room wantsstudents to enjoy theirlearning?Who in this room wants all their students to achieve highergrades?</li></ul> <p> 2. Methods for engagingstudents and recording student feedback. David BriceTravel &amp; Tourism departmentLeeds City College 3. In this presentation!15 Minutes of inspiration Motivational ideas 4. All students need the ability toexpress themselves in classMaslow We achieve independence and self esteem throughachievement 5. Learners who participated more missed fewer college days, gained higher academic achievement and had fewer disciplinary problems. Aspey and Roebuck (1977) 6. What a difference motivation makes!100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% Attendance 30% Merits 20% 10%0% Group Group 1 2 7. Students learn from students!Students learn from each other viaobservation, imitation and modelling (AlbertBandura, 1969)If teachers can use methods that encouragethese behaviours then students will enjoytheir course and achieve higher grades. 8. Learning through assessmentOne of the things that David Nicol, from theUniversity of Strathclyde, said in his excellentpaper Ten Principles of Good Assessment andFeedback Practice was -It is essential to deliver high qualityfeedback to help learners self correctBut you can only do this if you have the rightinformation about a students performance 9. How can we achieve this?Some old methods of getting feedback fromstudents O Whiteboard with pensO Flip chart paperO Verbal feedback from just one or twostudents. 10. I dont like whiteboards and pens!In two years of teaching I have only used awhiteboard or flipchart paper once ! 11. Whats wrong with this method?O Information is wiped from the whiteboardand lost.O Flip chart information is difficult to share.O Quiet students dont give verbal feedback.O Only one or two students may give ananswer.O Its difficult to assess whether ALLstudents have the correct answer to aquestion. 12. Low participation rate is NOT good !Why? One student with the correct answer can fool us intothinking the whole class knows the answer ! 13. What to do?O Give students thinking time.O Everyone needs to work things out forthemselves.O Create a fun environmentO Get everyone involved.O Record student feedback for use outsidethe classroom 14. Photo of students class work 15. Pinning to the wall (Padlet) 16. Poll Everywhere 17. Use video 18. Audioboo 19. QR CodesThis QR code links to a quiz that studentsscan with their mobile phones. It involvesALL students and I can measure the results. 20. Student reaction to technologyStudent poll results Positive Reaction Negative ReactionFrom a poll of 63 students in Feb 2013 21. Geoff Petty (2009) says Student activity providesfeedback to the learner andteacher and is a window intothe students understanding 22. ConclusionO Participation leads to achievementO Engage ALL your learners with arange of activities.O Record student feedback to uselater with assignments, to improveunderstanding and improve grades. 23. Thank you for listening ! I would love to answer questions about my presentation !</p>