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Pro-active alerting - currentlyOnce a week look at logslast full day's blogsEmail the technical contactsRelatively quick to implementCould be inaccurateNo false alerts yetLooks at a single day onlyData is ~ 12 hours oldDelivered some resultsFirst alert went out to 58 eduroam members in DecemberWe are at around 30 alerts now

3/22/201611Issues alerted on:Leaked VSAsNo calling station idincorrect shared secretsUnregistered servers

Purposeeduroam is a federated systemEveryone relies on everyone elseIssues at one member's location can affect other organisation's usersAdhere to the technical specificationFurther improve user experienceFix problems before they are tickets


Pro-active alerting - new portalNear real time logging to databaseWorking now on our dev serverPerl script reading the log fileStoring the variables onlyEnables:Dynamic, searchable logs through the browserAutomated continuous error detectionReal time reports/alerts in web interfaceMore accurate periodic email alerting


Pro-active alerting going furtherAll of the below planned for the web GUINo plans to increase email frequencyChecks when saving new configurationsSMTP email verificationDNS lookupsStatus server testingMore details in next session