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    PROMOTing TEAMWORK with your Students



  • education education2 EdTech tools: To promote teamwork 3 EdTech tools: To promote teamwork

    Achieve better learning outcomes for all students

    Students thrive when they have access to personalised learning tools that spark creativity.

    Empowering students and teachers with Microsoft technology that will:

    Schools around the world are using Microsoft technology to create immersive teaching and learning experiences. You could too, and for less than you thought.

    Keep lessons organised, give students feedback, track grades, and communicate with students and peers.

    Save teachers time Stream is the intelligent video tool for collaboration

    Create team project surveys, quizzes and collect data.

    A safe environment for group communication.

    Keep your team in sync with OneNote..

    Collaborate with the world in Skype.





    13 Great technology needn’t cost the Earth. 14 Welcome to the Microsoft Educator Community 15


    A tool for teamwork in Office Online.

    Sway. A versatile way to create group projects.

    Enhance group presentations with 3D Powerpoint.

    Stimulate group debate and communication in Teams.

    Develop ideas together in Excel Online






    Empower Students and teachers with Microsoft technology. 03


  • education education4 EdTech tools: To promote teamwork 5 EdTech tools: To promote teamwork

    Access Office Online lesson ideas


    Curriculum Focus: Develop and communicate design ideas.SWAY / DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY

    A versatile way to create group projects.

    Present brilliant ideas in Sway

    A BRIEF HISTORYhstoryMicrosoft Sway is an intelligent app that creates engaging, interactive web-based documents and presentations in a matter of minutes. You provide the words, images, content and Sway makes it look beautiful and professional. It’s easy to create and edit Sways collaboratively. Simply share an edit link with anyone you’d like to work with. When your family, friends, classmates or colleagues click the link and log in, your Sway will show up. They can edit the Sway just as you can—and at the same exact time as well.


    Generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas through discussion, annotated sketches, cross-sectional and exploded diagrams, prototypes, pattern pieces and computer-aided design.

    Primary School Program of Study:

    Reflect on, express and justify their own opinions in light of their learning about and from religion and their study of religious, philosophical, moral and spiritual questions.

    Secondary School Program of Study:

    Design planning is an integral part of Design and Technology and using Sway is a great way to uniquely present design plans. The built in collaborative element to Sway, enables students to work together in a team so that they can collectively add elements to the design process. The multimedia capabilities within Sway also allow for them to include various images, texts and even embed 3-D models from other design programs to create their digital presentation.

    Once they have completed their design, Sway also makes it super easy for them to share their work via a simple link or even embed it into other applications with Office 365 such as OneNote or Teams which may host their wider project.

    LESSON IDEA: Teamwork in Design and Technology.!

    Curriculum Focus: Use English to review and summarise in groupwork.OFFICE ONLINE / ENGLISH

    Access Sway lesson ideas

    English is a great example where students often work together in a variety of styles, ordinarily this can be a difficult task to ensure all group members are contributing to the written task. With Office online, students can work together collaboratively to co- author in Word, PowerPoint or OneNote, meaning that group composition tasks can now be completed with ease. Office online also works across any device, students can edit to the same document at school, from home or even on mobile phones.

    Students with personal needs also become fully immersed within the group thanks to Word and OneNote’s reader learning tools. Lastly, teachers can track back to view the authors or changes to pieces, meaning they have a clear understanding of the collaboration involved and the contributions from each member of the group.

    Get collaborative with Office Online

    Working effectively in groups of different sizes. Managing discussions, reviewing and summarising Rehearsing and performing in a variety of different contexts including presentations

    Primary School Program of Study:

    Working effectively in groups of different sizes, managing discussions, reviewing and summarising.

    Secondary School Program of Study:

    LESSON IDEA: Teach the art of group-work with English Language and Literature.!

    A tool for teamwork in Office Online.

    Work simultaneously on group Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents in a web browser using Office Online. This means no more taking turns to enter data and sharing out of date documents. As you see each other’s live updates, you can give instant feedback and share ideas, resulting in a document that’s truly a team effort. OneNote and Word online allows students to access the content using the Immersive Reader tool in Learning Tools to support all learning styles.


  • education education6 EdTech tools: To promote teamwork 7 EdTech tools: To promote teamwork

    Enhance group presentations with 3D Powerpoint.

    Stimulate group debate and communication.

    Curriculum Focus: Communication and conversation.MICROSOFT TEAMS / HISTORY

    Curriculum Focus: Groupwork and presenting ideas.POWERPOINT 3D / SCIENCE

    Access Powerpoint 3D lesson ideas Access Microsoft Teams lesson ideas

    Construct informed responses that involve thoughtful selection and organisation of relevant historical information. Understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources.

    Primary School Program of Study:

    Pursue historically valid enquiries including some they have framed themselves, and create relevant, structured and evidentially supported accounts in response.

    Secondary School Program of Study:

    Presentations of Scientific findings are a key part of group enquiries and PowerPoint, with the added new feature of 3D models, allows students to take their project work to a new level. Through Office 365, students can work collaboratively upon a presentation so that different roles can be assigned to members of the group allowing them to work more quickly and efficiently. The ability to import 3D models into their PowerPoint presentations, whether these have been created by group members in Paint 3D or imported

    from 3D models or Remix 3D, allows an added dimension to the student explanations. Furthermore, using features within recordings they can add further description of results. Using morph features they can easily add seamless transitions that will give their group project a professional look and finish.

    Break the mould with Powerpoint 3D

    The Windows 10 Creators Update has made Windows into an increasingly 3D-friendly environment. There is now introduced support for applications that allows users to draw in Paint 3D or to create presentations in PowerPoint 3D. Students have the ability to import 3D models, and add 3D animations and zoom in and out of a 3D image to create vibrant, memorable presentations. As a result, they can collaborate on a PowerPoint in real- time as part of a group task.

    Reporting and presenting findings from enquiries, including conclusions, causal relationships and explanations of and degree of trust in results, in oral and written forms such as displays and other presentations.

    Primary School Program of Study: Understand that scientific methods and theories develop as earlier explanations are modified to take account of new evidence and ideas, together with the importance of publishing results and peer review.

    Secondary School Program of Study:

    Teams provides an excellent tool for sharing historical sources and facilitating classroom discussions around these. Through teams teachers can create channels focused around Historical subjects and post resources here giving the opportunity for students to debate historical resources in real time.

    In threaded conversations, students can work in groups to explore resources and teachers can review back to see the collaboration between students.

    LESSON IDEA: Create a historical debate in Teams

    Get Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is the digital hub that brings conversations, content, and a collaborative classroom together in one pl