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Professional Learning Network

Professional Learning NetworkA presentation about connecting, sharing, and learning by Shaelyn Walton@shaelynwalton

Heres a screen-shot a couple days after creating my account. Still have a long way to go with the whole tweeting thingJanuary 21, 2013

Tweets every dayKeeps me up to date with whats happening in technology, entertainment, and design in educationAlso informs me about international issues in education and ethics

TEDTalks Updates@tedtalks

Tweets every dayLets me know whats happening in my community, and allows me to get involved with local schoolsGives me an idea about what Edmontons schools have to offerEPSB News@epsbnews

Tweets every dayMade up of a network of teachers from different schools and backgroundsLots of new ideas for improving pedagogyReally helpful to new teachers; constantly commenting, answering questions, and offering support

We Are Teachers@weareteachers

So this is a current screen shot of my homepage. Ive got myself a few new followers, and have found more classmates and fellow learners to follow in order to expand my social network. Ive even started to get the hang of #tweetingFebruary 11, 2013

While Im still learning how to navigate my way through Twitter, I am quickly learning what a valuable resource it is. It allows me to connect with peers, superiors, and experts in my field, as well as keeping up to date with new pedagogy.In this way, Ive developed a whole network of people to answer my questions, provide suggestions, and share ideas with as I progress through my education.So far most of my participation has been with EDIT classmates, but they are quickly showing me other resources to draw from. Its been very helpful.Im going to make an effort to start tweeting at least once a day, and hopefully my network will continue to expand!My PLN Experience@shaelynwalton


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