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  • 1. English Assignment Edgar Allan Poe Agrupamento Vertical de Escola de Avis E.B. Mestre de Avis compiled from the assignments from 9 thgrade students, classes A and B Red Deathby Carolina Neves

2. Edgar Allan Poe was borninBoston,Massachusetts. His parents died and he was taken to Richmond, Virginia, to be raised by John Allan, a successful merchant, and his wife. At 6, he went to a private school. 3. He returned to the US in 1820 and continued to study in private schools. He attended the University of Virginia for a year, but he had drinking and gambling problems and his father forced him to work as a clerk. Poe quit his job and went to Boston. Then he was in the US army and as expelled for neglecting his duties. 4. He moved to Baltimore and he married his cousin Virginia Clemm. He became and editor and poet. In 1847 Virginia died of tuberculosis and Poe himself became ill. His disastrous dependence on alcohol and his alleged use of drugs may have contributed to his early death. Poe died in Baltimore on October 7, 1849. Microsoft Encarta 2009. 5.

  • Edgar Allan Poe wrote mainly poems and stories.Poes works were generally considered part of dark romancism and gothic movements.
  • Some of Poes works:
  • The Raven
  • The Black Cat
  • The Purloined Letter
  • The Murders in the Rue Morgue
  • The Oval Portrait
  • The Mask of Red Death
  • The Tell-Tale Heart
  • The Raven and Other Poems
  • The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
  • The Gold-Bug
  • Dupin Trilogy
  • The Fall of The House of Usher

6. The Raven http://www.insite.com.br/art/pessoa/coligidas/trad/theraven.php Ravenby Jessica Ferreira 7. 8. 9. Red Deathby Carolina Neves