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  • 1. Edgar Allan Poe by Amanda Roberts

2. The Life of Edgar Allan Poe

  • Born in Boston in 1809 to Elizabeth Arnold Poe and David Poe.
  • Both of his parents were actors, however, his mother was considered the better of the two.
  • David Poe abandoned his family while Poe was just a young boy.


  • Poe was orphaned, along with his older brother and infant sister in 1811. His mother died of tuberculosis in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Poes mother, Elizabeth, diedDecember 8, 1811, in Richmond,Virginia.


  • The three children were separated and raised by different families.
  • Poe was taken by John and Frances Allan.
  • John Allan was a successful merchant.
  • John and Francis Allan, Edgars foster parents


  • The Allans raised Poe but never formally adopted him.
  • Poe attended the University of Virgina and did very well in Latin and French.However, John Allan refused to pay Poes gambling debts, and Edgar Allan Poe had to drop out of college.


  • Due to fights with his foster-father, Poe went to Boston. While there, he wrote a book of poetry,Tamerlane and Other Poems.
  • In an attempt to support himself, Poe enlisted in the Army.
  • In 1829, Frances Allan died of tuberculosis. John Allan and Poe briefly reconciled their differences.


  • John Allan helped Poe receive an appointment at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point.


  • Poe realized that literature, not the military, was his true calling and tried to get out of West Point.
  • John Allan refused to give Poe permission to resign (drop-out).
  • Poe was court-martialed for refusing to report for class or duty.


  • Poe moved to Baltimore, where he lived with his very poor aunt, Maria Poe Clemm and her young daughter, Virginia.
  • Maria Poe Clemm
  • Virginia Clemm Poe


  • In 1833, he wrote,Ms. Found in a Bottle. It lead to a job offer as an editor for a magazine in Richmond, Virginia.
  • In 1835, he accepted the position of editor and married his thirteen year old cousin, Virginia.


  • In 1838, Poe moved his family to Philadelphia where he worked as an editor forGrahams Magazine .He wrote some of his most famous stories:Fall of the House of Usher, Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Gold-Bugand others.
  • In 1842, Virginia became ill with tuberculosis.


  • In 1845, The Raven was published
  • In 1847, Virginia died
  • of tuberculosis.
  • For the next two years, Poe continued to write poetry and short stories.
  • On October 7, 1849, while in Baltimore, Poe died at the age of 40.There are many mysteries concerning Poes death. It has been attributed to acute congestion of the brain to drug and alcohol overdoses.

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