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  2. 2. Ecommerce or online shopping in the retail trend of today. People resort to online shopping to shop for most of the things required, be it daily-needs, fashion, lifestyle etc. However the most important aspect contributing to the success of an ecommerce business an attractive website. In order to make an ecommerce website attractive and secure, retailers need to follow certain guidelines.
  3. 3. In ecommerce, you can gain visitors and customers trust by making your website secure. To make your website secure you need to follow the below listed points. Clear Logo Deals, Freebies & Free Shipping Latest News & Most Popular Products Brand Products Shopping Cart, Login Box & Search Box Payment System Icons Social Media Links Contact Details & Chat Window Store Locator Trustmark
  4. 4. A clear & remarkable logo is a business card for both startups & branded stores. During online shopping, a remarkable & clear logo acts as an element of trust of the company or organization.
  5. 5. Most of the visitors usually decide whether they like the website or not within a fraction of a second. You can attract shoppers through deals & offers. Free shipping is also a major factor that draws shoppers. You can offer a minimum shopping amount for the buyers to avail the free shipping facility.
  6. 6. The home page is the best place to display information on bargain sales, upcoming events or new products. Even regular customers are updated on the same.
  7. 7. Many shoppers prefer to shop on only branded products and visit website to check out the current offers available on them. Retailers need to display branded products in a prominent position. This will grab the attention of shoppers. Moreover, you can also provide the option of shop by brands for your buyers.
  8. 8. The shopping cart, login box & search box are usually placed together. It is impossible to imagine an ecommerce site without shopping cart function. The most popular icon for shopping cart is a simple basket. Login & Sign up option is also very important for any ecommerce site. Every customer who signs up can choose a personal login details for further access. It also helps to check all their previous & current order details. If any ecommerce store has a large number of products then search box is most important. It also helps shoppers search for specific products they require.
  9. 9. There are so many payment systems present in the ecommerce industry. You should clearly mention the payment systems you can accept to avoid any hassle.
  10. 10. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, linkedin & google plus helps in any ecommerce business. To make a success of your ecommerce venture to need to have a social media presence.
  11. 11. Contact details & chat window contribute to the value of added customer service. For any problems or queries whereby customers need to communicate with the seller. Hence, the need for a 24*7 hotline number. A live chat are highly appreciated forms of value added customer service.
  12. 12. A store finder is a must-have option for web stores that have several local or national retailers. Many conservative customers who prefer to check out the actual store itself may visit the website but only to find the nearest shop location or branch.
  13. 13. Trustmarks are small images or logos that show a security guarantee by an external party indicating that it is safe to shop on the site. Such accreditation certificates give customers a sense of security and gives them confidence in sharing their private information. Visitors would be more inclined to make a purchase if they know that their payment details are safe from prying eyes.
  14. 14. We hope that the tips listed above will help to make your online shopping website a success with the potential buyers. However, along with these, time, effort and finances will also have to put in to create your online presence.
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