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<ul><li><p>About Online Business </p><p>Designing and Development </p><p>SolutionsEWS Net Pvt. Ltd. </p><p>Add: 410, 4th Floor, Jyoti Shikhar TowerDistrict Center, JanakpuriNew Delhi - 110058 (India)</p><p>Phone: +91-11-41588415, 41587415</p><p>Mobile: +91-9555020011 (WhatsApp/Viber)</p><p>Email:</p></li><li><p> With the advent of Internet and integration with the business, online shopping service </p><p>has been greatly enhanced. Nowadays </p><p>there are more than hinders of the website </p><p>are available to represent thousands of </p><p>their items at one place at one site. </p><p> Ecommerce industry is growing at faster pace and so the number of customers. </p></li><li><p>An effective e-commerce website designing services include:</p><p> Search Engine and User-friendly keyword: The integration of potential keyword help to gain an enhanced visibility in the search engine. </p><p> Shopping cart integration: it enables shopping for multiple items at a time from the same website </p><p> Secure payment gateway: The online payment from a secure service provider protect the sensitive information of the user and keep it safe. </p><p> SSL Certificate: It provides an assurance to the protection of users personal information shared with the website. </p></li><li><p>Contact Address</p><p>EWS Net Pvt. Ltd. Add: 410, 4th Floor, Jyoti Shikhar Tower</p><p>District Center, JanakpuriNew Delhi - 110058 (India)</p><p>Phone: +91-11-41588415, 41587415</p><p>Mobile: +91-9555020011 (WhatsApp/Viber)</p><p>Email:</p></li></ul>