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1. | @TheeDesign | eCommerce Website Design Dos and Donts by Sharon A. Dawson Project Manager at TheeDesign Studio 919-341-8901 2. | @TheeDesign | Unreachable Customer Service 22 percent of shopping cart abandonments were due to unreachable customer service. Required Login to Order 20 percent of shopping cart abandonments were due to forced registration. Things Consumers Hate About Ecommerce Sites 3. | @TheeDesign | No Way to Sort or Filter Results Sort and filter category pages and search results. No Search Options Dont make your visitors click through your sites product hierarchy, when they could have gone directly to what they wanted via a search. Poor Graphic Design 42 percent of folks do not trust poorly designed sites. Things Consumers Hate About Ecommerce Sites 4. | @TheeDesign | 5. | @TheeDesign | What did they do right? 6. | @TheeDesign | What did they do right? 7. | @TheeDesign | A Shop section Customers navigating via Sitemap Text heavy Lack of images Flashing or scrolling items Visit counter Credit Card Type field Coupon code to get free shipping at a price point So Last Century 8. | @TheeDesign | Search Box Customer Service phone number Login, Cart in upper right hand corner Product Categories in top navigation Cart quantity in header Message boxes on homepage (in addition to slider) Great Homepage Design 9. | @TheeDesign | FAQ page relating to eCommerce, not just company or products Standard Pages in footer Terms of Use Privacy Policy Shipping Policy Returns Policy Great Designs Include 10. | @TheeDesign | Great Design Example 11. | @TheeDesign | How Did They Do? 12. | @TheeDesign | One column, clean layout Phrasing Continue, Apply, Proceed Button locations Explain why fields like telephone are required PayPal, BBB, seals on Checkout page Customer Service phone number Checkout Flow 13. | @TheeDesign | How Did They Do?*125ec4ba87b608763b40c9&s bid=SSMSB1388161395.2730&redirect=yes/ 14. | @TheeDesign | How Did They Do? 15. | @TheeDesign | How Did They Do? 16. | @TheeDesign | Email address at start of checkout auto looks up if current customer or not (no checking of boxes for user) User enters zip code, and then city, state, country are auto populated Shipping auto calculates once zip code is entered Cutting Edge Checkout Flow 17. | @TheeDesign | Consumers-Hate-About-Ecommerce-Sites for Things Customers Hate good-and-bad-ecommerce-websites for the Bad Design ideas features-tips-examples/ for inspiration on Great Designs for Above and Beyond ideas Bibliography