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Internet has become the lifeline of any online business. To start with, e-commerce is like any other business…It is nothing buying and selling of goods via internet.


  • 1.Internet has become the lifeline of any onlinebusinessTo start with, e-commerce is like any otherbusinessIt is nothing buying and selling of goods via internet.

2. E-business is the term which is often usedinterchangeably in a website design company .Any online transaction that takes place througha websitewith an objective to earn profit isthrough an e-commerce website. 3. The process involves real-time transfer of fundsfrom the buyer to the seller and is sometimeshandledmanuallythroughanEFTPOS(electronic funds transfer at point of sale)terminal once a secured order is received by themerchant account.The best known examples are,E.bay, General Motors etc which have some ofthe best e-commerce website design . 4. Internet sales are booming as consumers takefull advantage of the low prices offered byonline wholesalers.E-business is a cost effective way of doingbusiness as it reduces logistic burden andhelps small business to compete with majorgiants. 5. Unlike brick and mortar environment, there areno physical stores in e-commerce business.Therefore there is no insurance, infrastructureinvestment or need for store space. 6. All that is needed is out-of-box concept,unique products and a good ecommercedesign website to reach to your targetedcustomers. 7. Optimizing online stores is bit different than handlingphysical stores.What is more challenging is to make a user-friendlywebsite? 8. Selling is no #1 priority for e-commercewebsites so they may not have best of designs.Formulating SEO strategies for e-commercewebsite is tough especially if the company isnot ready to invest in online marketingcampaign 9. All products are not that compatible to sell overthe internet.So choose the products wisely before catering itto your customers 10. Have a business plan in mind Check out your competitors Make a cluster-free website Should have an easy payment gateway Well-written product description Clear call-to-action words and buttons Customers should able to find the product 11. Appropriate search terms related to your products/ service Have a secured server and win the trust of your customers Friendly customer service Prominent contact details Strong Google analytics programs Accessible company policies High quality product images 12. Limited content because the focus is onpromoting physical products Since e-commerce websites have severalpages they need to be optimized well No one likes to click on product pagesunless they can earn something out of it. 13. Do not use unethical methods forbuilding links Give emphasis on internal linking Landing pages should be optimizedwell Do less of advertising and go for nonpromotional content 14. Your aim should be to educate your customers.In this way you can make the customers buy theproduct and generate revenue for your e-commerce website. 15.