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  1. 1. eCommerce Testing Make your Websites Robust and Profitable Customers are the reason we all are in business. Love them or lose them its that simple.
  2. 2. eCommerce Solutions Encompassing Most of the Globe. A Raging Technology Today.
  3. 3. Robustness, Security, Quality, Efficiency A Must for any eCommerce Solution
  4. 4. Customer Loyalty / Retention A Mandatory Ingredient for a Successful Solution
  5. 5. Test your Solution to be Competent and Lucrative Exceeding Peer Competition
  6. 6. Make your Customers Stick to your Solution till the Completion. Earn Profits. Maximize Revenue.
  7. 7. 5 Major Aspects to be considered while Testing eCommerce Solutions
  8. 8. Performance Quick loading. Speedy operations.
  9. 9. Browser Compatibility Browser level testing on all types of browsers
  10. 10. Mobile Device Friendliness Test its operations on all types of devices, infrastructure, hardware
  11. 11. Complete Set of Functionalities Main & detail pages, check out etc. vital for testing
  12. 12. Payment Gateway All parameters and modes to be tested thoroughly
  13. 13. Experience our Testing Strategies A Perfect Poise of Quality and Trust Visit to request for a Free POC to test drive our services.