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This will cover recommendations for how an ecommerce site should build a content strategy with the aim of becoming more useful and therefore helping with SEO performance in the mid to long term.


  • 1. Content Strategy Framework for Ecommerce Websites Instructor | Roger Lopez Twitter: @inemode
  • 2. Why Content makes your site memorable Researchshowsthat40% ofecommercetransactionsare carriedout24hoursormoreafterusersfirstvisitthewebsite
  • 3. What? Content Strategy Framework ContentAudit Document Typography ShareableContent Brainstorming Readability CompetitorAnalysis Spelling/grammar Examples& screenshotsfrom competitors Shareability Keyworduse Copyscape reporton stolencontent Socialmediashares branded3 InformativeContent UserGenerated Content SiteStructure ResearchQ&Aon YahooAnswers,Quora, Facebook,Twitter Reviews implementation, incentivisation etc Wheredoescontent needtogo(blogor Q&Aetc) Searchforquestionsin Analyticsdata& keywordtooldata Q&AsectionorQ&Aon productpagesetc Howshouldthe sectionsbestructured Forums,blog comments,guestblog posts,indepthcontent reviews Design&UI GapAnalysisofcurrent content Examples& screenshotsfrom competitorsetc Examples& screenshotsfrom competitorsetc Interlinkingbetween sections Examples& screenshotsfrom competitors ContentRoadmap Document Monthlyorweekly contentplan Specialevents& calendar Blogcalendar PRcalendar
  • 4. Who? People are already doing this
  • 5. Goal of Content Does it Help your user make a decision to Buy, Share, Buy Again Sales Funnel Step1 Step2 $
  • 6. Content Ingredients
  • 7. Useful & Informational Content
  • 8. Useful & Informational Content Know the content User of this Content are usually higher in the sales funnel Have Higher Lifetime Value to brand Have a plan to navigate them from learning to buying
  • 9. Q&As Oneofthebestwaystoadduniqueand usergeneratedcontenttoyourproduct pagesisbyusingQ&Acontentwhere yourcustomersaskquestionsandyour expertstaffmembersanswerthemina timelyandhelpfulmanner.
  • 10. Q&As Thishasamajorimpacton conversionrateswithIR 500sseeinga58%increase andmanyotherbrands reportingsimilarnumbers.
  • 11. Product Reviews 3bigreasonsforProductReviews LongTailSEOTraffic ImprovedConversionRates NEWSocialSharing
  • 12. Product Review Tips CreateaCRMsystemthatemailscustomersaweekortwoafterthepurchase toaskfortheirfeedbackontheproduct Makesuretheemailiswelldesignedwithstrongcalltoaction Incentivise customerswithmonthlyprizesordiscountcodesiftheyleavea review Createastronglandingpageforcustomerstoaddtheirreviewswithouthaving tologinorfindtheproduct linkdirectlyfromtheemailtoaniceformthey cancomplete Makesurecustomerscanreviewmultipleproductsinthesameform Allowcustomerstoreview differentattributes suchasvalue,quality,priceetc andthencalculateanaggregaterating Trytouseyourownsystem,ifyouhavetouse3rdpartyreviewsbecareful aboutduplicatecontentandalwaysownyourdata Encourageuserstosharetheirreviewviasocialmediawhenitsposted PlacethereviewsontheproductpagenotonaseparateURL
  • 13. Internal Review Testimonial Increased Conversion Rate
  • 14. External Review CompanyRatings ImprovedCTR ImprovedConversion
  • 15. Product Pages ProductPagesarenotexciting BUTduetoGoogleTheycantbe Short Bland OrDuplicated Mustbedesignedtoencouragetopurchase
  • 16. Product Page Tips Write informative & descriptive copy designed to reflect your brands personality Write for your target audience Make sure the copy sells the product & covers features / benefits Forget about SEO and keywords Inject some fun into the descriptions Dont make them too short its rare that less than 250 words is OK Add an extra Experts Opinion to explain why you should buy this product over another Try to cover all the likely objections and questions people might have about the product Think about the product description as if you were stood on stage in front of thousands of people trying to sell the product what would you say? How long would you spend writing your speech?
  • 17. Category Pages BiggestChallenge SmallSpecialistRetailerwillrankhigher ThinkofthemasaHubforthecategory UsersareusuallyintheMiddleoftheSalesFun.
  • 18. Category Pages BiggestChallenge SmallSpecialistRetailerwillrankhigher ThinkofthemasaHubforthecategory UsersareusuallyintheMiddleoftheSalesFun.
  • 19. Other Ingredients Inforgaphics Videos UGC UserGeneratedContent ProductRecommendations Andmuchmore. ButfirstperfecttheMeat&Potatoes
  • 20. Questions Contact Roger: Twitter: @inemode Web: