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Ecommerce Mastery. Planning Your Site W hat pages will be included on your site? H ow they will be organized? W hat will each page sell or what information it will provide and the process visitors will take when shopping and checking out. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Ecommerce MasteryPlanning Your Site

What pages will be included on your site? How they will be organized?What will each page sell or what information it will provide and the process visitors will take when shopping and checking out.

To Do this you need to create a framework (structure) for your site.

That way we know what to add to each page, so that the customers get the most benefit from their visit (and we get paid)

Simple Site Configuration Multi Product

Simple Site Configuration Single Niche Get Your Framework Complete FirstOnce we have created the framework it will be much easier for us to create copy and understand the customers path as they enter our site!

Obviously youll have a home page.

After that, youll need to determine how many categories you will include. Multi product sites or single product sites?

This depends on your niche and your market!

Keep it as concise as possible.

You can always add more pages later. List the products you will include under each category.Navigation You will need to include, company related pages to the site as well:

About Us

Contact Us



Privacy Policy


I will provide example of Privacy & T&Cs

Home Page There are a number of ways to set your home page.

You want to engage your customer from the outset.

They have arrived on your site as they are interested in what you have to offer


Again, you can have any number of category pages, but the trick here is to be specific!

Organize by:

Keyword Stretch Mark Cream, tips to get rid of stretch marks, Get rid of stretch marks

Niche Specific like the in the Weight Loss After Pregnancy Example

Category Pages

Write Your Copy To Suit The Site

Introduction copy on category pages - While the products in a category may change, youll want some static (non-changing) copy at the top of your category pages! This helps with SEO, plus it helps cement to your prospect why they should buy from you!

Example We hand pick & test all our stretch mark products before offering them for sale, this way we can be sure that we can help you get rid of those unsightly stretch marks.

Be aware of word counts and tables!

A common issue is the amount of copy that can be inserted into various regions of any given page. Check for limitations on category, subcategory and product pages.

Ensure that you add the same size images and roughly the same amount of copy to each product.

Failure to do so will result in miss-aligned tables and a site that looks unprofessional!

See images sizes are all the same.

Copy is 2 lines with the price below!