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This lecture covers the most popular marketing channels for eCommerce sites including: SEO PPC Social Media Affiliate Marketing Shopping Channel Management ,Video, Email Display Advertising Online PR/blogs Google Adwords. Then the lecture focuses on PPC and Social Media.


  • 1. eCommerce Marketing Hajr Hyseni University of Hertfordshire Nov 2011 1Tuesday, 29 November 11
  • 2. SEO PPC Social Media Afliate Marketing Shopping Channel Management Mobile, Video, Email Display Advertising Online PR/blogs Google Adwords Activity 2Tuesday, 29 November 11
  • 3. PPC Providers AdBrite Clicksor Bidvertiser ExitJunction Google AdToll Yahoo Target Point Fastclick 3Tuesday, 29 November 11
  • 4. Key idea on PPC You are advertising next to expressed demand - people want what you are selling Google sells ad space through an auction based on price, effectiveness and landing page quality You have lots of control: Geolocation (geographical targeting), Dayparting, destination, creative, price You can choose how tightly your keywords are matched to search queries through broad, phase and exact matches PPC can reveal demand and trends and keywords that should be fed into your SEO activity 4Tuesday, 29 November 11
  • 5. How to start? (1-3) 1. Create a Google AdWords Account Go To and register a Google AdWords Account! 2. Set a Budget for a TEST Campaign Identify a budget for a 30 or 60 day Test period. The budget must be high enough to generate adequate sample data. Without Ad Impressions, there is no way of knowing the how effective your ad is. 3. Determine The Goal of the Adwords PPC Campaign Transactions - B2C companies, like eCommerce companies are looking for visitors to purchase their products Leads - B2B Companies, like Software companies to generate leads Branding to capture all searchers of that Brand Video Views - track video views RSS Subscribers track the new content that is being syndicated to relevant readers 5Tuesday, 29 November 11
  • 6. How to start? (4-5) 4. Identify keywords to purchase 5. Group relevant keywords E.g. if you have a Pet Store in Boston, MA and you sell Pet Supplies, you should group those keywords & variations into an Ad Group. Example Ad Group = {Pet Store Boston, Pet Store Boston MA, Pet Stores Boston, Pet Supplies Store Boston, Pet Supply Store Boston, Pet Supply Store Boston MA, Pet Supplies Boston MA} 6Tuesday, 29 November 11
  • 7. How to start? (6-7) 6. Identify match types for your keywords Exact Match - Your advertisement will only be impressed upon the searcher if the keyword you purchase exactly matches the Google search query. Phrase Match For Example, If I buy the keyword Boston Pet Store using phrase match and the searcher queries Google Boston MA Pet Store there is a chance my ad will be in that auction. Broad Match If you purchase the keyword Pet using Googles broad match function, your advertisement may get into an auction for pet dog or pet cat. Negative Keywords A pet store and sell pet supplies, but do not sell pets, then a negative exact match keyword for pet and pets. 7. Create new text add for each Ad Group Headlines 25 characters only Ad description 2x 35 characters Think carefully about where the ad will go: landing pages, products, collections Provide clear calls to action that respond to the message started in the ad - remember customer journeys 7Tuesday, 29 November 11
  • 8. How to start? (8) 8. Check Campaign Settings: GEO Targeting & Networks Are you limited to doing business in a local area (state, country, territory)? If so, you will only want your ads to run in that particular location. To adjust the location of your ads, go to your Campaign -> Settings -> Location If you want to limit your ads to showing up on Googles Search Engine and not the Display Network, you can un-check the display option in the Networks section 8Tuesday, 29 November 11
  • 9. Buying keywords Consider carefully the difference between broad and narrow phrases; in my example Herts versus Herts Holidays or Herts County 9Tuesday, 29 November 11
  • 10. Google Ads $8.58 billion rst quarter of 2011 10 Google Investors (2011)Tuesday, 29 November 11
  • 11. Sales Earnings You make money when your revenue is greater than your costs This can be in the short or medium term The costs include products, packaging, shipping, labour, wastage, advertising, cost of ecommerce site, hosting etc Conversion rate: Only 1-3% of customers to a site buy (2 in every hundred visitors) Click-through rate: Perhaps 5% of people who see an ad click (1 in every 1,000 who see the ad, buy - assuming a 2% conversion) Typical display advertising might cost 20 CPM (per 1000 impressions) 10,000 impressions might cost 200 and generate 60 in sales (bad business!) 11Tuesday, 29 November 11
  • 12. Keywords Availability? Its an auction. 100 advertisers can bid on the same term. Those with the highest mix of price, quality and ad history will win the ad auction and have their ads shown. 12Tuesday, 29 November 11
  • 13. How to assess Ads? How much companies pay? How does the pricing work? Tracking Ads effectiveness? AdWords & Google Analytics How much to spend daily? How protable can adSense be for a site? Entirely dependent on the trafc you have to your site. If you have decent trafc for a blog you might make $100 per month


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