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  • 1. Flowers By Yan Liang

2. Our Class 3. Questions about flowers 4. From seed to flower

  • The process of sprouting seeds

5. Life cycles of flower

  • Flowers come from seeds, and they also create seeds.

6. Different parts do different jobs

  • TheRoots:take up water and nutrients from the soil. They help to keep the plant steady and upright in the soil.
  • TheStem:carries water and nutrients to different parts of the plant.
  • TheLeaves:use light from the sun, along with carbon dioxide from the air and water to make food for the plant.

7. Books about flowers 8. Vocabularies

  • Spring
  • Flowers
  • Vase
  • Flower pot
  • Soil
  • Seeds
  • Roots
  • Stems
  • Leaves

9. Class Activities: 10. Kids observe and water their plants 11. Kids draw pictures and write down the height of their plants after measuring 12. Telling the sequence of how they plant their flowers 13. Matching colors and numbers of the words 14. Using shapes to create flowers 15. Flowers and Thank You Letters for Mothers Day