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A presentation on Disney World and our visits. Enjoy.


  • 1. Disney World Vacation
    Julie Byersmith

2. Content
About Disney
How to Plan a trip
Different Tickets
Ticket Cost
Different Parks and Attractions
Transportation to and from
Peak Times
My family experiences
Disney World Vacations
3. About Disney!
Disney is one of the worlds largest playgrounds for people of all ages.
Disney World is spread out over 2,700 acres which gives people plenty of room to roam and plenty of choices to choose from.
Disney has also stated that they will leave 1/3 of the propority undeveloped.
Disney World Vacations
4. Planning for your trip!
Easy and fun!
And if done right can save you hundreds of dollars.
Disney World
5. Tickets
There are a few options when it comes to tickets at Disney world.
Day passes~ strictly for that day and that park
Park Hoppers~ In one day you can go from park to park
No expiration date~ your hopper will never expire EVER!
Water parks and more~ Gives you the option of also adding waterparks, shows, or other Disney amenities.
Disney World Vacations
6. Tickets Cost
Each day pass is between $68 for a child and $80. for a adult.
Each park hopper varies depending on the options and days you choose.
Park hoppers are thebetter value
Disney World Vacations
7. The Parks and Hotels
On grounds at Disney, the chooses can be endless.
Disney World Vacations
8. The Parks and Attractions
Disney World Vacations
9. Hotels
Disney ranks their hotels from the easily affordable value hotels to the lavish deluxe suites.
There is a hotel for everyone's budget at Disney.
Disney World Vacations
10. Transportation to the Parks and Hotels
Disney World Vacations
11. Peak Times
Choosing a time:
Disney is a very large attraction that always tends to gather a large crowd.
Main Holidays are the busiest time of the years at Disney
Scheduling your trip on off peak and off season times is the best value for your dollar.
Disney World Vacations
12. My Disney Experience!
5 trips and counting
Disney World Vacations
13. When do we go?
Our favorite time to go is between Thanksgiving and New Years.
Disney World decorates year round for each season and holiday
Disney World Vacations
14. Our First Trip
Disney World Vacations

  • Our first time to Disney World was a band trip through school, just after Christmas 1999.


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