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Lack of Money

Lack of Time


Worked for more than 15 years in one of the prestigious educational institutes in INDIA,had worked in AIU . He has proved himself to be a proven leader of MLM industry

A Successful entrepreneur who have produced many entrepreneurs

eBIZ HOUSE. B-18, Sector 63, NOIDA, U.P. - 201301 (India)

eBIZ Combines the 4 Fastest Growing Trends:

Internet Website e-Education Home Based Business

eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 8th June 2001, with ROC, Delhi & Haryana (INDIA) Online Operations and Registration commenced on 25th June 2001

eBIZ offers the following Self Learning Educational Packages:

Free Basic eBIZ Education Packages

Advanced Education Packages

eBIZ Holiday Accommodation Package

2. Online testing and evaluationConsist of:1. Compulsory Computer Courses:

Operating System

1.Introduction to Internet Surfing2.Windows XP3.Microsoft Word4.DOS5.HTML6.JavaScript7.Computer Fundamental8.Microsoft Excel9.Microsoft Power Point10.Computer Hardware

Free eBIZ Educational Package (For a year ) No Cost

consists of:

Compulsory computer courses:65 computer courses &184 utility courses

General Fire Fighting Country, Capital & Flag Car Maintenance Tips Bike Maintenance Tips Save Electricity Photography Gift Ideas Safe Driving Tips Travel Tips Gardening Tips How to tie a tie Home Lone Tips Save Water at Home Home Energy Saving Tips Digital Right Management Health First Aid Nutrient Information A-Z of Fruits Good Sleeping Tips Minerals Heatstroke and Sunstroke Computer & Health Avoid Stress Body Fitness How to wear Contact Lens AIDS and HIV Skin Care Tips Nuts & Seeds A to Z Vegetables Beauty Tips COMMON COLDHair-Dandruff Food For Your Skin PC Tips Run Commands MS Word Shortcuts Online Shopping Tips Safe Internet Surfing Tips PC Security Tips Inside PC HardDisk Laptop Buying Tips Computer Buying Tips Disk Defragmenter Compressing (ZIPing) a File Google Search How to Burn CD? Inside Floppy Disk Inside Computer Monitor Inside Spyware Inside USB IP Address Mozilla Firefox Random Number File-Recovery Windows Safe Mode Spam Mail How Screen Savers Are Activated? True Type Font Virtual Memory PC Performance Tips Windows 98 Quick Launch PC Errors & Solutions XP Tricks &Tips TechnologyBluetooth Techonology GPRS Video Conferencing GSM Vs CDMA Internet Radio Linux MIME Windows Vista What is Y2k38? Computer Algorithm Inside 3D Graphics Open Source Relational Databases Image Formats Boolean Logic Computer & Chess E-mail Internet Career Career Planning Business Letters Effective Meeting Tips Building Self Confidence Presentation delivery Decision Making Skills Effective Networking Effective Study Interview cracking Tips Leadership skills Problem solving Techniques Teaching Tips Time Management Electronics Mobile Users Safety Tips ATM Tips Mobile Maintenance Tips Optical Mouse Smart Card Sound Card

Rs. 9556/-

1.(3 Nights + 4 Days) Hotel Accommodation*

2.Free Promotional eBIZ Agamya Watch (MPV**Rs. 3999 only) 3.eBIZ Special Education Package (Online Testing and Evaluation Available)

Operating SystemWindows XPDOSLinuxWindows Vista Programming LanguageFORTRANVisual BasicC LanguageC++ An Object Oriented LanguageC#ASP .NET 2.0 DatabaseMicrosoft AccessSQL A Database Language DesigningCorelDrawMacromedia Flash 8 Scripting LanguageHTMLJavaScriptPHP MiscellaneousMS WordMS ExcelMS PowerPointComputer HardwareIntroduction to Internet SurfingTally 8.1Computer FundamentalNetworking 1.Computer courses:






Rs. 9556/-

DD to be made in favour of: eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd.

Payable at: New Delhi.


The word IMPOSSIBLE itself says


YOULeftRightNow you are QUALIFIED to start earningBased on sale of Advance eBIZ Educational Package

YOULeftRight1st Step 3 Sales you get Rs.2700 (US $54) With sales in the ratio of 1/3 :2/3YOULeftRightorBased on sale of Advanced eBIZ Educational Package

2nd Step next 3 Sales you get Rs.2700With sales in the ratio of 1/3 :2/3YOULeftRightYOULeftRightorBased on sale of Advanced eBIZ Educational Package

3rd Step next 3 Sales you get Rs. 2700With sales in the ratio of 1/3 :2/3orBased on sale of Advanced eBIZ Educational Package

And you receive Rs. 32,500 * (Maximum)Total sales=50 is called an ORBITBased on sale of Advanced eBIZ Educational Package 1st Cycle 9 Sales you get2nd Cycle 9 Sales you get 3rd Cycle 9 Sales you get4th Cycle 9 Sales you get 5th Cycle 9 Sales you get 6th Cycle 5 Sales you get Rs. 8,100

Rs. 3,600 Rs. 3,600 Rs. 3,600 Rs. 3,600 Rs. 10,000(9)(9+9)=18(18+9)=27(27+9)=36(36+9)=45(45+5)=50

1st Cycle 9 Sales you get 2nd Cycle 9 Sales you get 3rd Cycle 9 Sales you get 4th Cycle 9 Sales you get 5th Cycle 9 Sales you get 6th Cycle 5 Sales you get total sales=50 is called an ORBITAnd you receive Rs. 25,000Based on sale of Advanced eBIZ Educational PackageTotal sales=50 is called an ORBITRs. 3,150 Rs. 3,150 Rs. 3,150 Rs. 3,150 Rs. 3,150 Rs. 9,250

Achieve the following along with us:Total Financial Freedom, Friendship Circle,Quality of Life, Personality Development, Self Respect & Social Circle, Health & Longevity,Early & Comfortable Retirement,Thankfulness.The WORLD is Progressing, INDIA is Progressing,We wish YOU also progress.

Dr.Pawan malhan at association of indian universities function

Convention-cbe jun2011

11th anniversary faridabad

Social service using the network

Free trainingsWhere u can develop communication skillsAttend business development programmesLearn entrepreneurship skillsPeople management and money managementThroughConventionsWorkshopsConference meetsNear by leaders

Month wise promotion map MONTH STUDENTS 1st month 2 2nd month 4 3rd month 8 4th month 16 5th month 32 6th month 64 7th month 128 8th month 256 9th month 512 10th month 1024 11th month 2048 12th month 4096 ----------------- ------------- 1 year 8190

8000/50=160 Orbits Take a minimum rupees for an orbit=20,000 20000*160 = ????