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Easy Ways to Improve Your Child's Reading Fluency

Readying fluency is often confused with reading comprehension. While reading comprehension is the end goal, readying fluency is just as important. Until a child can accurately and rapidly read aloud, without difficulty, they won't be able to achieve reading comprehension.

What is reading fluency? And why is it important?

Benefit Of Early Childhood Education

Most childhood education specialists claim that young children learn best when they're not pushed too hard, they have an opportunity to interact with their peers, and their parents and instructors treat them kindly.

Teaching Through Modeling

Children need to hear fluent reading in order to achieve their own reading fluency. Hearing an adult read smoothly and easily provides a model for how a child should be reading. As your child hears you smoothly and easily pronounce works, pause after commas, and stop when there is a period, they'll start doing the same.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best readers weren't born that way. they achieved their ability to read through repeated, consistent practice. The ultimate goal of reading fluency is to be able to read effortlessly.

Memorization Is Key

As your child works toward reading fluency, have them memorize some short books, poems and passages. Having your child memorize sentences and short passages will achieve three things. First, memorizing will allow your child to become very familiar specific words, structures, and meanings that they'll easily recognize in future readings.

Keep It Fun

While repetition, practice and focus are vital to achieving reading fluency, if reading turns into an arduous, painful experience for your child, they're likely to rebel. As you work toward improving your child's reading fluency, don't stick to a fixed routine.

Echo Read

Echo reading is a from of modeling (as discussed above) where you read a sentence to your child and have him read it back to you. Echo reading helps children begin to recognize words and anchor important words in their vocabulary.



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