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  1. 1. Easy Ways To Help Your Child Stay At A Healthy WeightIt is an unfortunate fact that the current obesity epidemic has begun affecting children as well asadults. If your children are struggling with their weight, you need to monitor what they eat to makesure they are making the right choices. With the tips in this article, you can help make sure that yourchildren stay fit and healthy throughout their lives.By keeping track of what your children eat, you can make sure that they are making the healthiestchoices. While you may not be able to control everything they eat, you can do what you can toinfluence what goes into their body. The more information you have about what they eat, the betterprepared you will be to help them stay fit and healthy.Losing weight is not just about eating properly, of course. You also have to ensure that your childrenare staying active and getting enough exercise. Instead of letting them sit in from of the television,send them outside to play. Take them to the park, or have a family walk together in the evening whenthe weather is nice. Have them ride their bikes or walk to school instead of driving them if they are oldenough.Once your children are old enough to be trusted with various chores, have them get involved inactivities such as gardening, housework and other physical chores. This way, you will get some helpwith these needed tasks and your children will burn more calories by staying active. Working togetheras a family can also help you grow closer to your children.Many Americans are overweight these days because of the steadily increasing size of portions atmeals. By reducing how much you serve at a meal, you and your children can lose weight and stayhealthier. If you have to eat out, see if you can order a smaller size, or take some home in a doggiebag instead of eating it all in the restaurant.The size of the plate on which a meal is served can strongly influence how much a person eats. Byusing smaller plates, your children will feel full while eating less. Eating a small serving of food thatfills a smaller plate makes them feel fuller than they would if they ate more food served on a largerplate.
  2. 2. When you send your children off to school in the morning, make sure that you are sending healthyfood with them. Do not let them buy food from the cafeteria, since these meals are often high in fat,salt and sugar. Pack them healthy lunches that are low in fat and sugar. Send them with healthysnacks, such as fruit, nuts or veggies. This way, they will be less tempted to buy something unhealthyfrom a vending machine.If you are struggling with having overweight children, it is important to be able to identify the causes oftheir troubles. Once you are able to do so, you will be able to address these problems moreeffectively. With the advice you have read here, you can help your children slim down and becomehealthier.Click here to find out more