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  • 1. Easy Button And Why Yours Is BrokenThe Is No Easy Button To Make Money Andrew Carnegie said: Anything in life worth having is worth working for. 1/6
  • 2. Do you remember when the easy button first came into marketing?When Staples launched this campaign I doubt they thought it would become a great metaphorin pop culture.But in these financial times its kind of scary to think that people are still searching for an easybutton for everything that they do.One of those places that they search is on the internet. These are people who are looking forways to earn money online. But they focus on suspect products or services that claim that littleto no work is needed.Fill in this survey offers to make money. Online to find out that you have to create an Adwordsaccount in order to sell affiliate products.Pay To Click offers. Only to figure out that you could click for 12 hours a day for a whole monthand barely make enough money to get in to a movie. If they pay you at all.To suspect offers like the ZeekRewards fiasco. Which turned out was based on a pyramidscheme that the Securities and Exchange Commission gladly shut down.The internet is riddles like a mind field with these types of offers. And they are preying onpeople and their laziness in order to make money.Your Easy Button Is Getting You Ripped OffI hate to admit this but I was in the same boat that 95% of people online are in today.I was buying course after course and falling for all sorts of crazy offers. I was looking for thegolden ticket that would create all kinds of wealth for me without having to do the work.You have heard this word before I am sure: autopilotGet more traffic to your website on autopilotGer more money in you bank account on autopilotGet more leads for your list on autopilotAutopilot is used on purpose. Its used to target the lazy person who wants to build a businessonline but doesnt want to do the work. 2/6
  • 3. And this method works everyday.Unfortunately is also catches those people who are willing to do the work as well. People likeyou and me.Hard working people who are not afraid to put in the time and effort to make an honest incometo help our families.Hard working people who understand that nothing work having comes without a price. Butpaying that price makes it the better when we finally get it.And quite frankly we dont have the marketers to blame. We only have ourselves to blame.We let our greed or excitement get in the way of our common sense. And for only that briefmoment that it takes us to fill out our credit card information. We forget to listen to that littleflashing warning light that we have in our head. And we fall for yet another get rich quickscheme that does nothing but make us poor.If There Is No Easy Button, What Do We Do?Well you, like I, really only have three options.You can continue on as I did for about a year and keep falling for the magic button theory.You can just quit trying to make a living on the internet altogether.Or you can find an actually company to join where you will get the training and real informationto build a sustainable business.In my four years on the internet I have found quite a few that dont fit the bill.But I have also found several that do.I chose to hang my hat on three different ones in order to build my monthly income to a pointwhere I finally retired from the military. And now I am working full time from home.My Top ThreeNumis Network is my primary company. Its one of those evil MLM companies that all the scamsites warn you about. You can read some of the claims about it here.Many people wonder why I give out that site as a reference when I am talking about my primarycompany. Its because I like to use it as a filter. If you read the first and last page of that threadyou will see that the people who are bashing it are not in the program. Nor did they bother tomuch research. Other than to watch a sales presentation. 3/6
  • 4. The second objection they have is that you can get the Numis products on eBay for cheaper.Well its true. I know crazy right, a company selling a product for more than what a buyer canpay on eBay.I challenge you to find a product on eBay that costs more than what the company charges retail. And if you do find it I, and it has regular buyers at the eBay price you should join in the fraywhile you can. There is profit to made there.I chose Numis Network because of their product.I am not a health nut, so the weight loss or vitamins thing just doesnt work for me. Nor do Iwant 1000 different vitamins filling my cabinets. Coins are easy, and my son and I enjoy somequality time taking care of our collection.I also chose them because their compensation plan is pretty cool and profitable in the long term. Plus its really easy to teach members of my team how to get signups as well. Then they in turncan teach their team the same thing. Everybody wins.I also promote MyLeadSystemPro.When MLSP first joined the internet marketing game I was doing things like traffic exchangedand safelist to market online. I was making around 600 bucks a month doing that. And I justdidnt see the value of generating leads. And to be quite frank, I saw them as more a scam(scam mentality of scam.com readers and contributors).But one day I learned just how valuable having a marketing funnel was to generate leads and tobuild a list. I didnt have the skills to create a funnel of my own. And like you, did have thetime.So I took a chance and took a trial of their program (I suggest you take one too, just to see ifyou could use it) and was pretty impressed to see how much they had grown.I am not on the leader boards in MLSP but to tell you the truth it wasnt about that. It was aboutgetting the training inside.At the time they had some of the best, and lowest cost, internet training out there.These days however I go somewhere else for my training, the Empower Network.I am sure you have heard of them, especially if you use Facebook to any extent.I joined when the site was just a thought in David Woods head. And if you have taken theopportunity to listen to him talk about its birth. I was one of the 200 who joined while the sitewas still having issues.I promoted it pretty well for those early days of its launch. And I am making anywhere from 300 4/6
  • 5. to 500 a month with it. I say anywhere because people sometimes quite.I did stop promoting it for a while though. They had payment processor issues. They hadserver issues. They had WordPress issues.And they easy button issues.People who joined up early on where spamming Empower Network ads all over the place.Private messaging people. Posting links in every group under the sun. Posting links to peopleprofiles without permission. Posting to people pages without permission.It was really a disgrace and I didnt want to be associated with it. So I kept my blog up andposted content to it every once in a while.But didnt actively promote it.Empower then took one of the best steps that they could for their members.They started training.And they didnt offer that easy button training that you see all over the net these days.They created internet marketing training by having people who were actually making moneywith internet marketing. Pay Per Click training, blog traffic training, solo ads training. And mostimportantly mindset training to burn out the desire for an magic button or magic pill to makemoney.In conclusion let me invite you to check out one of the three companies that I have listed above. Quite frankly I am not going to sell you on one or any for that matter. I figure your too smart forthat.And more importantly I figure that if you have read this far, your tired of getting scammed bycountless offers as well.Do your research and join one. Or dont, its really up to you.But regardless of what you decide to do, share this post with your friends, so they dont getcaught looking for the easy button like we did.Signature for EN 5/6
  • 6. P.S. If You Need A System to Help You Get in Front of More People (and even profit from people that DONT want to Join. Click Here to See What I MeanWho Is Clint Butler? Currently serving in the military and after 20 years I have found that you dont get rich in the military nor can you get rich working for someone else. So with that being said I have worked, researched, and trained Online Marketing and making money on the internet using search engine optimization, social media marketing, and video marketing. All of this is to generate traffic and leads to my clients websites as well as my own. Read More at www.workwithclintbutler.com 6/6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)