Easy beaded jewelry bracelets for kids to make

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<ul><li><p>Easy Beaded Jewelry Bracelets for Kids to Make </p><p>This tutorial uses 4mm round seed beads and </p><p>jumprings as the main materials in this beaded </p><p>jewelry bracelets for kids to make. Its an absolutely </p><p>safe activity so all children may take part in it freely. </p><p>Plus the steps are super easy without any established </p><p>patterns. Youll love it! </p><p>Supplies needed in the beaded jewelry bracelets: </p><p> 4mm (3 colors) Round Seed Bead</p><p> Jumpring</p><p> Lobster Claw Clasp </p><p> Flat Nose Pliers </p><p>Step 1: Design the beaded jumprings </p><p>This tutorial introduces very easy and fun beaded jewelry bracelets for kids to make. Create an opportunity </p><p>to help children experiment with color intensity and color mixing. </p><p>Details of bracelets for kids to make: </p><p>Open your jumpring with pliers. Slide 3~5 seed </p><p>beads in any color combinations. </p><p>Repeat the process for an array of such </p><p>beaded jumprings. </p></li><li><p> Step 2: Connect the beaded jumprings </p><p>Step 3: Add on the clasp </p><p>This is a great craft activity idea for when the children are stuck inside due to the blazing sun or </p><p>pouring rain. Just be prepared and look forward to your childrens achievements. Later, well often </p><p>update an array of easy beaded jewelry bracelets for kids to make. Just stay tuned! </p><p>Shop for more kinds of seed and bangle beads please click: </p><p> http://www.pandahall.com/wholesale-Seed-Bugle-Beads/226.html</p><p>Assemble the beaded jumpring parts 2 by 2 (or 3 </p><p>in 1 or 4 in 1 or randomly). Close the jumprings </p><p>with pliers. </p><p>After that you will get a chain as below. </p><p>Reopen the starting or ending jumpring, slide </p><p>on the clasp and then close it off. </p><p>Congratulations! </p></li></ul>