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  • EAST AFRICA CRISIS please pray
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  • EAST AFRICA CRISIS ON THE BRINK OF STARVATION Drought, high food prices and failed harvests have left 10 million people in East Africa on the brink of disaster. Tearfund has local partners responding in the region, who need your prayers.
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  • EAST AFRICA CRISIS GROWING HUMANITARIAN CRISIS South east Ethiopia is the area hardest hit with 3.2 million farming- dependent people experiencing a food crisis 3.2 million are affected in northern Kenya 2.5 million are affected in Somalia (OCHA report 2011)
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  • EAST AFRICA CRISIS This crisis is another blow to a region that has been hit by a succession of climatic challenges. UN reports that, in some areas, rainfall is less than 30 per cent compared to the average, and there is up to a 60 per cent mortality rate among livestock. DISASTER IN THE REGION
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  • EAST AFRICA CRISIS IMPACT ON FAMILIES In Ethiopia alone, its estimated that up to half a million cattle have died this year. What would you do if you lost your job and all your savings? Thats what its like for an African family to lose livestock often their main source of food and income.
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  • EAST AFRICA CRISIS We are continuing to support our partners in Ethiopia and Kenya who are bolstering the resilience of local communities. Rob Schofield, Tearfunds Disaster Management Director RESILIANT COMMUNITIES
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  • EAST AFRICA CRISIS PLEASE PRAY Pray for Gods strength for those affected by the food crisis in East Africa and for the drought conditions to ease Pray for urgent international support so a quick response can prevent more hardship and suffering Pray for wisdom for Tearfund partners working to respond and build the resilience of communities
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  • EAST AFRICA CRISIS A PRAYER FOR EAST AFRICA Lord Jesus miracle maker, giver of life and hope. We remember your works of compassion and grace. You fed the 5,000 with food enough to spare. You have provided enough to satisfy all of our needs. You ask us to act, as your hands and feet in this struggling world. Father God, the little we have we ask you to bless and multiply. Send your Holy Spirit to help us as we pray and act, and to be with the people of South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia today. Amen.
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  • EAST AFRICA CRISIS To find out more and donate to the East Africa Crisis appeal visit www.tearfund.ie www.tearfund.ie Give 25 to help us provide an emergency food package for one family for a month PLEASE GIVE
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  • EAST AFRICA CRISIS THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF A MIRACLE. Photos: Marcus Perkins/Tearfund, Jim Loring/Tearfund, Eleanor Bentall/Tearfund