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  • Earls Barton Spinney Quarry

    Earls Barton Northampton

    Non-material Amendment of Planning Permission 15/00091/MINVOC

    March 2017

  • 1. Introduction Breedon Southern Limited (hereafter referred to as Breedon or the Applicant) is submitting a Non-Material Amendment Application to Northamptonshire County Council regarding the Earls Barton Spinney Quarry, Off Grendon Road, Earls Barton (A copy of the Location Plan is in Appendix A). The outcome of a recent meeting with Northamptonshire County Council invited the submission of an application pursuant to Section 96A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

    2. The Applicant Breedon Southern Limited is one of three autonomous divisions of the Breedon Group; the other two divisions being Breedon Northern and Hope Cement. Breedon Group plc is the largest independent construction materials group in the UK. The group operates the country's largest cement plant, two cement import terminals, around 60 quarries, 26 asphalt plants, 200 ready-mixed concrete & mortar plants and three concrete block plants, employing around 2,300 people nationwide. For more information regarding the company can be gained by visiting the website www.breedongroup.com.

    3. Planning History The original planning application and Environmental Statement for Earls Barton Spinney Quarry was submitted by Ennstone Johnston Ltd as part of the application for the site in 2007. The application, planning reference 07/00050/MIN, was approved for the site on the 20th March 2008 by Northamptonshire County Council (NCC). A Section 73 application was submitted to NCC by Breedon Aggregates on the 15th September 2010, planning reference 10/00066/EXT, which was to extend the time limit for implementation at Earls Barton Spinney Quarry as conditioned in the original planning permission. This application was approved on the 28th January 2011. A Section 96A application was submitted to NCC by Breedon Aggregates on the 26 November 2013, planning reference 13/00110/MINNMA, which enabled the development to be commenced by the extraction of between 400 and 1000 tonnes of sand and gravel with plant access via an existing agricultural access from Grendon Road. This application was approved 15 January 2014. A Section 73 application was submitted to NCC by Breedon Aggregates on the 26 November 2015, planning reference 15/00091/MINVOC, which was to revise the working scheme to work the quarry in a clockwise sequence compared to the originally approved anti-clockwise sequence. This application was approved 24 February 2016.

    4. Reason for this Application Breedon are establishing the Earls Barton Spinney Quarry in 2017 and a construction programme has been developed. This programme aims to ensure the quarry can be constructed with minimal disruption within the surrounding area and maximise the material resources available at the site reducing the need to import.


  • It is considered that the original description of the proposed development submitted in 2008 and the part amended working scheme in 2015 requires minor alteration and further clarification. The alteration and clarifications relate to the sequence of events to how the site access onto Grendon Road and associated infrastructure for the quarry will be developed. This is explained further within this section. This application is to clarify and amend details submitted or referenced under conditions 3 and ensure compliance with condition 9 of planning permission 15/00091/MINVOC. The wording of condition 3 and 9 are: Condition 3 states; The development hereby approved shall only be carried out in accordance with the following documents and plans, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Mineral Planning Authority: Application ref. no. 07/00050/MINFUL:

    a) Environmental Statement (September 2007) including the amended: (i) Hydrological and Hydrogeological Assessment (Revised February 2008) (ii) Archaeological Evaluation Supple-mentary Statement (November 2007)

    b) Drawing No. E18/03/A c) Drawing No. E18/04 d) Drawing No. E18/05 e) Drawing No. E18/06 f) Drawing No. E18/07

    Application ref. no. 15/00091/MINVOC:

    a) Drawing no. EB/1 (dated August 2015, submitted on 9 February 2016); b) The revised Working Scheme received on 26 November 2015;

    Condition 9 states; The Heavy Goods Vehicle access to and from the quarry shall only be gained via the access point onto Grendon Road shown on Drawing No. E18/03/A. No development beyond the scope of that approved under 13/00110/MINNMA shall take place until the site access and associated infrastructure have been laid out and constructed in accordance with a scheme which has been previously submitted to and approved by the Mineral Planning Authority. The scheme shall show that:

    a) If gates are to be provided to the vehicular access they shall be set back a minimum of 20.0m from the edge of the carriageway;

    b) The access road shall be of a minimum width of 7.3m for a distance of 30.0m from the edge of the existing carriageway;

    c) The junction of the proposed access road with the public highway shall be laid out with 15.0 radius kerbs;

    d) Visibility splays shall be provided on either side of the junction of the proposed access with the public highway. The minimum dimensions to provide the required splay lines shall be 4.5m measured along the centre line of the access road from its junction with the channel line of the public highway, and 215.0m measured along the channel line of the public highway from the centre line of the access road;

    e) Any vegetation above 600mm in height within the visibility splay area shall be removed;

    f) The access road shall be metalled for a minimum distance of 100m up to and including the wheel cleansing facility; and

  • g) The site entrance and internal haul roads shall be maintained in a condition free from potholes while in use.

    It is noted Section 2 (Proposed Development) of the Environmental Statement 2007 and the revised Working Scheme received on 26 November 2015 give a brief description of a proposed site access; where it will be constructed and an expected specification of design. With the approval of the access layout established, Breedon then entered into a Section 278 agreement with NCC and technical approval was granted on 10 March 2016. In developing the construction programme various options were reviewed and clarification will be given within this application on a preferred approach to how the site access will be constructed. Furthermore, most but not all the associated infrastructure required to operate the quarry was explained within Section 2 subsections Initial Operations and Phases 1 and 2. Two omissions will be explained and the timing of Phase 1A requires amending to enable overburden material to be won to establish the quarry infrastructure. All works will be completed prior to any mineral processing and exportation. It is proposed clarity is given to these tasks. Breedon is ensuring compliance to condition 9 and considers the condition was attached to the planning permission to ensure HGVs associated with mineral exportation and inert material importation use the approved access point onto Grendon Road once constructed. Breedon considers the condition does enable traffic associated with the construction of the site to source a suitable alternative access point. This document proposes to clarify this approach.

  • 5. Construction of Site Access onto Grendon Road It is noted that Section 2 of the 2007 Environmental Statement and the revised Working Scheme received on 26 November 2015 were divided into 7 distinct sub-sections. Section 2.2 – Site Access gave a broad description and proposed specification for the access and was silent on how the site access will be constructed. Condition 9 of the extant planning permission (as expressed in section 4) gave a number of prescriptive requirements for the access. Below are two extracts from section 2.2 Site Access. Paragraph 2.2.3 states: A new temporary access point is to be established to the south of Grendon Road (B573) and this will serve the development throughout. And At the point where the proposed site access links to Grendon Road, part of the existing embankment will need to be raised to accommodate the widening of the access. There is no question that when Earls Barton Spinney Quarry access onto Grendon road is operational then all traffic including HGVs entering and leaving the site will do so via the access. This ensures compliance with planning condition 9. Grendon Road passes the site on an embankment and the spot heights on Grendon Road at the corners of the approved junction are 53.05 and 52.50 AOD; at corresponding points within the site boundary the spot heights are 48.86 and 49.23 AOD respectively. A ramp within the site boundary is required to enable the access road to join Grendon Road and this was expressed within the technical drawings for the S278 agreement. Fill material is required to create the ramp / embankment and could be sourced from outside of the site then transported for use, or alternatively, sourced from within the site. For the reasons of sustainable use of material and to limit unnecessary vehicle movements on the local and potentially wider road network, Breedon propose to utilise overburden material from within the site to construct the ramp. It has been calculated that 4,500 m3 is required to create the embankment which can be sourced from the overburden strip of phase 1A. It