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  1. 1. Making Life EasierString Ball A team puzzle that will require guidance team members, the ability to deal ambiguity and change, coping in a pressured environment, co-ordination clear help and instruction.Signlines Your team has a puzzle to solve! You all have information to work with, but cannot share it with other team members. You must form a strategy to overcome the barrier to communication and implement this strategy successfully within 30 seconds.from with time andYour own peer groupGoing beyond your remitHelping the business find a solution Leonardos BridgePyramid Patience, listening to each other, team co-ordination, planning and skill will all be put to the test with this challenge. Team members will need to coach and instruct each other in order to work the grabber and construct the tower.Sometimes a man is ahead of his times, and sometimes a man is ridiculously far ahead of his times. Your teams task is to realise the dream of Leonardo da Vinci (only on a slightly smaller scale) and construct a bridge which will span the gap using only the materials provided.
  2. 2. How influential are u?The Red Hat signifies feelings, hunches and intuition. The White Hat calls for information known or needed. Presents the facts of the case.Thinking comes from the rational brain and involves critical analysis based on facts and data Feelings comes from the limbic brain and involves our storehouse of information about experiences that we remember and project onto new events and circumstances Split into two teams and for the first 10 minutes one team should list the following: a) Facts and data that tell how influential and important they now are in the business b) Beliefs you hold or emotional experiences of how you feel exploring helps others make life easier. Then switch...
  3. 3. Connecting the dots The Blue Hat is used to manage the thinking process. Jo Jepson will conduct a 10 minutes briefing on the connecting eXplore to the ways we do things round here. This should be followed up by a Q & A discussion.
  4. 4. Look on the downside The Black Hat is judgment -- the devil's advocate or why something may not work. When helping the business to find solutions eXplorers are often being taken advantage of and even being used to substitute Line managers taking responsibility. Hold 15 minute team discussion on the negative aspects of eXplorers being taken advantage of or misused. Answer the following questions and encourage the group to add their own. Encourage the group to complete the sentences rather than your own context. What should you not be doing? How could I possibly ensure you dont.... How might I be making things more difficult for .... What should I possibly not do...Write the questions discussed and answers to each as your 15 minutes progress.
  5. 5. Thinking creatively.... The Green Hat focuses on creativity: the possibilities, alternatives and new ideas. Grid 1: How can you expand your circle and make life easier for people? Grid 2: What are the best examples of eXploration that u have witnessed or heard spoken of? Gird 3: Whats the best thing about being an eXplorer? Grid 4: How does eXploring make life easier for customers? Using the printed girds. Ask each person to write three ideas in the top three boxes on the grid and then pass this on to the next person. The next step is to review the ideas and generate three more ideas on the next row down the grid. Repeat this cycle until all ideas have been exhausted and the gird is full Then review the ideas as a team. Note: If anyone freezes pass it quicker than the three boxes.


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