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This slide is created by Wan Fareed and Sally Loan. Presenting to Sunway University in the e-Learning Practitioner Session. Sunway University is located near Sunway Lagoon.


<ul><li> 1. e-learning @ NIEPresented by Sally Loan &amp; Wan FareedCentre for e-LearningNational Institute of Education, Singapore</li></ul> <p> 2. Social Media Twitter Hashtag #sunbb Blackboard Practitioners Sharing Session -Nov 2012 http://bit.ly/PirC07 Slideshare Presentationhttp://bit.ly/sunbb 3. Agenda About NIE About CeL e-Learning / Blended Learning Strategies Building CeLs Capacity 4. 3 minshttp://bit.ly/sunbbvideo1 5. About NIE 6. We are a national teacher training institute inSingapore. Teacher education Educational research 7. NIE Population6,567 students437 academic staff 434 non-academic 167 research staff 8. Programme &amp; Academic Groups 12 Academic Groups Teacher Education and UndergraduateStudies Graduate Studies and ProfessionalLearning 9. About CeL 10. MissionSupport, initiate and sustain e-learningEnhance the quality of online teachingand learning via the provision ofresources, pedagogical consultancy andtraining. 11. Overview 12. Department Structure 13. Dr Ashley Tan 14. Instructional Designers 15. Educational Technologists 16. Video Content Developers 17. Multimedia Developers 18. Multimedia Programmers 19. e-learning / blended learning @ NIE 20. e-learning / blended learning : Why?IT Masterplan 21. e-learning @ NIE 22. Centre for User SupportComputerServicesCentre 23. http://lonline.nie.edu.sg 24. User creationHousekeeping Course creation 25. User creation (Student) Profile is fed into Blackboard fromvarious systems Receive SMS regarding login Automatically enrolled to the coursesthey have selected 26. User creation (Staff) Profile is fed into Blackboard from HRsystem Welcome package includes blackboardlogin info Automatically assigned to the coursesthey are teaching 27. User creation(P/T Tutor) Manual creation upon request Once account is created, coursecoordinator can assign them to courses 28. Course creation Info fed from variousprogramme office Courses are created onemonth before term starts Auto extension of 3 months Tutorial courses, ztrialcourse and ztrial studentaccount for academic staff 29. Housekeeping Courses will be automatically unavailable when courses expire Students have no access to expired courses Deletion of old courses, keep only 2 years 30. To create blended and e-learning opportunitiesthrough social media tools 31. To cultivate academic generosity through sharing viaopen source toolshttp://bit.ly/nie-itunesu 32. http://bit.ly/cc-nie 33. To orchestrate the development of apps for e-learningon various mobile devices and platforms 34. Strategies 35. Approaches Scans for emerging technologies &amp;strategies Offers eclectic choice of workshops Elevates skill &amp; knowledge 36. Approach Create a platformfor staff to share 37. Approach Build community of practice 38. Approach Potentiate awareness 39. ApproachEncourage open learning 40. ApproachEquip with necessary technical skilling 41. Showcasestechnologyintegratedstrategies 42. 2 minshttp://bit.ly/sunbbvideo3 43. Approaches Elevate their skill set to be in tandem tothe changing needs As a proxy to create awareness toacademic staff To bridge the gap between veteran andjunior staff 44. Approaches Introduce them to current / emergingtechnologies Requirement as part of their learningactivities To build a pool of students who canthen share with their peer on theacquired skill and knowledge Provide resources and tools 45. Senior ManagementAG e-ChampionsCentre for e-Learning 46. Approaches Create awareness Connect with user informally Reach wider audience 47. 1 minhttp://bit.ly/sunbbvideo4 48. Building CeLs Capacity 49. Approaches Keep abreast of trends Challenge staff to innovate Provision to pursue personal interestduring work hour (10% time policy) Allocation of training fund specific tostaff development expertise Learning by doing 50. 2 minshttp://bit.ly/sunbbvideo5 51. Thank You 52. Twitter handler Sally Loan@SallyLoan Wan Fareed@wan_fareed Centre for e-Learningcel@nie.edu.sg </p>