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  • 7th

    Indian Iron & Steel Conference15-17 February 2011Hilton New Delhi/Janakpuri, New Delhi, India

    The principal forum turning challenge to opportunity Register ONLINE &SAVE


    For more information and to register please visit www.metalbulletin.com/events/india

    Leading industry speakers include: Girish Rao, Chief Executive Officer Hypermart, Essar Steel S. Vijay Kumar, Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Mines Seshagiri Rao, Jt Managing Director & Group CFO, JSW Steel Limited D. N. Abrol, Director-Raw Materials, JSPL Sushim Banerjee, Director General, Institute for Steel Development and Growth Yuki Iriyama, Executive Advisor, Nippon Steel Corporation Rajesh Modi, Chief of Business Unit, Jindal Stainless Steelway Limited Daewoo Lee, Representative, POSCO Research Institution R. K. Sharma, Secretary General, Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI) Shri P.K Mishra, Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Steel Subir Kumar Khasnobis, Chief Operating Officer, Arcelor Mittal - Design & Engineering Centre Jack Porco, President & Chief Commercial Officer, Xcoal Energy & Resources

    $1bn boost for Indias steel. Financial Times

    We need to tap demand in broader Asia including the Middle East. Within that, India is an appropriate place to make investment.Shigeru Ogura, vice-president, JFE

    Can anything stop Indians buying cars?Anjli Raval, beyondbrics, Financial Times


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  • 7th Indian Iron & SteelConference15-17 February 2011 | Hilton New Dehli/Janakpuri, New DehliThe Indian steel boom not if, but when

    Metal Bulletin Events are proud to announce the 7th Indian Iron and Steel Conference, 15-17 February 2011 in New Delhi.

    This flagship event focuses on strategic target number one: The key annual opportunity for the Indian iron and steel industry stakeholders to come together and help ensure the continued growth of the world most important emerging market. An opportunity for the international community to get the right information to

    inform their decisions on what could be the worlds last hyper growth market.

    This senior-level conference is the ideal opportunity to be at the heart of the Indian steel market and generate new business opportunities.

    Leading Indian and international steel producers, government officials, miners, traders and end-users will discuss the key issues affecting supply, demand, price and the industry at large.

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    International Co Ltd

    Just a few of the companies who attended last year:

    For more information and to register please visit www.metalbulletin.com/events/india

    Apart from a higher outlay on housing and rural infrastructure, incentives to individuals for investing in infrastructure bonds will also spurt steel demand. Anil Surekha, Ispat Industries

  • 5.00pm

    Registration desk opens


    Registration and refreshments


    Chairmans opening remarksSiddhartha Sengupta, Director, Hatch

    Past, present and future the way forward for the Indian steel industry and the search for productive dialogue The immediate steps required to ensure productive private-

    public co-operation Is government policy towards the steel industry still a work

    in process? Will there be a shortfall of steel supply?Virbhadra Singh, The Honorable Minister of Steel, Government of India*

    Producers keynote ready for growth and international investment What is holding back growth when profit potential is so high? Are Indian producers neglecting internal investment? Are new investors being forced to scale down investment? How is the Government facilitating congenial growth for

    the investor? Is the Government overly supportive to existing players?Seshagiri Rao, Jt Managing Director & Group CFO, JSw Steel Limited

    Technical issues shaping the supply and demand balance Is there a need to build fines based steel plants to use domestic

    iron ore fines capacity effectively? The future of major Indian producers can producers meet the

    need for more value added and specialist steels? With six or seven pelletising plants coming online, will they be

    able to utilise domestic capacity? The bottleneck in supply and demand

    Domestic challenges in a globalised market Indias growth story the impact of current circumstances if

    production stays constant, is it possible to expand the sector? How to better utilise the production within the sector The future of joint ventures are they here to stay? How accessibility of steel in rural areas will stimulate demand

    further if available at an affordable priceShri P.K Mishra, Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of SteelGirish Rao, Chief Executive Officer Hypermart, Essar Steel


    Refreshment break


    Indias economic positioning on the world stage: Can you afford not too be in India? International forecasts and investment and what it means

    for steel?Siddhartha Sengupta, Director, Hatch

    Long-term prospects for a competitive and sustainable India: Indian Steel Industry, how to exploit the opportunity of economic growth of India Will GDP growth transfer into steel: Are growth forecasts

    really accurate? Will the construction industry capture a fair share of GDP growth? Is capital to hard to secure for the smaller players? What is the current status of the investment climate? The road between intelligent choices, making investment over

    obstacles a realisation The need for steel forecasts for per capita consumption, per

    capita increases, an expanding middle class and the need for urbanisation

    The relationship between economic growth and steel consumptionDaewoo Lee, Representative, POSCO Research Institution

    The new legislative framework, a renewed mines and mineral development regulation act A review of the new mining code; what does it mean

    for producers? Concession and post concession mining regulations what is the

    framework and impact on established players and new investors? The differing impact on miners and explorersS. Vijay Kumar, Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Mines




    Panel discussion: Domestic iron ore the free market for ore, what are the options? What does India intend to do? The path to consensus Captive mines are savings passed on to the consumer? Banning exports is it beneficial? Do Indias reserves need to be safeguarded for the

    future generations? Is there a level playing field for new operators? Is there the technology to process fines efficiently? With steel growth projected to reach 200mt, why is there a need

    to export? Alternatively, with stockpiles high, are iron ore miners being punished? The need for improved beneficiation, value addition through

    pelletisationR. K. Sharma, Secretary General, Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI)Siddhartha Jain, Director, Rio Tinto India*Anshul Khandelwal, KPMG Advisory Services Prvt. Ltd

    Coal and coking coal strategic security forum the need for cooperation? The future of Indias coal reserves Can Indian steel producers absorb a price hike in coking coal? Should/can Indian producers come together and secure

    international mines a review of the efforts so far Who is/should take the lead? Is there room for a single body? Will steel plants be forced to close? Indian power is captive power needed for all? The need for technical and financial strength and initiatives to

    secure coking coal Is there a need for Government to Government relations

    strengthening in Africa? Journey of JSPL towards self reliance in coal for steel and powerD. N. Abrol, Director-Raw Materials, JSPLJack Porco, President & Chief Commercial Officer, xcoal Energy & ResourcesSenior Coal Executive, KPMG Advisory Services Prvt Ltd


    Refreshment break

    Tuesday 15 February

    DAy ONE: wednesday 16 February

  • 4.30pm

    Indian Infrastructure time to gear up, the key to reliable growth

    Rail, road and ports Will Indian infrastructure be able to handle steel growth 120mt

    in 2012? The challenge steelmaking raw materials pose Is archaic legislation to blame for the barriers to development? Why are ports faring better? The import export scenario and the

    drive for captive capacity The thrust required to strengthen infrastructure to guarantee the

    backup of growth Dedicated freight corridors, what is being done, is it enough? Is there a go-slow consensus? The need for investment in Indian infrastructure implementation,

    where is the money going to come from? How can the government facilitate getting funds? How has infrastructure development happened elsewhere, a

    case study of Malaysia and Thailand Is there a long-term plan for infrastructure that caters to the

    steel industry?Ravi Singh, Head - Processing and Distribution, Asia and Africa, Essar SteelA senior executive of ISPAT Industries

    Greenfield projects in India are they possible? How to bring equitable development to the rural poor The current situation regarding environmental regulation

    and clearances The defining issue around foreign investment. Is the Forest

    Rights Act being implemented bluntly? What are the arguments environmental pluses and minuses at

    sectorial vs project level. Why are brownfield project expansions going ahead over greenfield? Is it possible to get the rural poor onboard as partners in steel

    development? How can it be done? Go and no go areas should they be decided on a case by

    case basis? Defining the purpose of proper land acquisition Is there a conflict in the laws the need for an integrated policy

    which internalizes environmental concerns rather than treating them as an external determinant of policy

    Challenges that the Indian political system brings, state and federal governmentdoes the state have enough power to act if backed by strong will?

    How to improve the approval process to allay delays in project development

    A. K. Ghosh, CMD, Mecon Limited


    Close of day one and cocktail reception


    Registration and refreshments


    Demand for steel is it assured? Markets for growthThe chance to excel Road and infrastructure priorities relative to the steel industry Types of construction, industry initiatives to encourage steel

    based construction Automotive sector growth and construction and shipbuildingSushim Banerjee, Director General, Institute for Steel Development and Growth

    Major challenges to growth in the Indian steel industry is there sufficient government trade protection and support Are foreign companies dumping? Is it still an issue, how can the

    industry coordinate to protect against future threats. What is the cost structure of chines mills?

    With secondary and stainless steel can India meet the standards of the international community?

    The need for awareness of steel intensive possibilities in the consumption sectors what are people doing?

    yuki Iriyama, Executive Advisor, Nippon Steel Corporation

    The state of Indian research and development in the steel and mining sector is it the missing link? Are companies doing enough, is product development the

    top priority? Is cost reduction possible whilst keeping quality high? With US$20 million in the steel development fund why is no

    one using it? Why hasnt India been able to produce blast furnaces of their own? Compared to benchmarks of other counties, where is India in R&D? Could low quality products, vs cost effectiveness mean a future

    of high quality imports into India? Carbon emissions: Is there a need for further awareness, what

    are the targets, are the laws adequate, the link to powerA senior representative of SAIL R&D*


    Networking break


    Panel Discussion: Service centers in India Currently growing in momentum and importance Who are the entrepreneurs servicing the sector? How are the distribution channels changing?Shripad Ranade, Engagement Manager - Auto & Engineering, TATA Strategic Management GroupSubir Kumar Khasnobis, Chief Operating Officer, Arcelor Mittal - Design & Engineering CentreRajesh Modi, Chief of business unit, Jindal Stainless Steelway Limited

    Traders corner An update on the Indian trading community What factors will drive international trading? The expanded role traders can play in servicing the supply

    demand scenarios Difficulty of domestic pricing information is there a lack of a

    viable information network in India?Bhavyesh Shah, Director, Salzgitter Mannesmann Pentasteel International India Pvt Ltd

    what will be the Indian steel scenario in 2025? Funding exploration and growth for a competitive and sustainable India Exploration strategy are confidence levels over current

    reserves justified? Is there a need for further exploration can the Government

    incentivize it? With a number of small mines, where is the funding coming

    from, why is it all internal? Is there a climate for investment; is there a struggle to raise capital? The role green technology has to play in shaping the future


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