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Dynamics Day 2016

Variety the Childrens Charity 26 years in New Zealand Variety - the Children's Charity is a champion for Kiwi kids Help sick, disabled and disadvantaged Kiwi kids to reach their full potential

Targeted to each childs individual needs and circumstances Each year we help over 13,000 children to have brighter futures through our national programmes

New Zealand Today Our experience of growing up is not the reality for many Kiwi kids 1 in 3 Kiwi kids are living in poverty, 148,000 in material hardship Going without things we take for granted - a warm home, own bed, a decent pair of shoes, the opportunity to participate in sports Significant barrier to a childs future personal successLower paid employment or unemploymentCriminal offendingMental health problemsWelfare dependency

Varietys Response Recognition of the complex, unique nature of each childs circumstances Need for flexible support, tailored to each childs individuals needs Varietys Kiwi Kid Sponsorship Programme fills this gap

Currently helps 2,700 children, providing the essentials each child would otherwise go without basic clothing, shoes, school stationery, warm bedding, school uniform, medicine, or school camp

Support extends beyond the physical, to psychological including self-esteem, confidence, and being able to fit in with their peers.

Our Challenge 10,000 children High levels of child poverty. Growing waiting list. Big ambition. Reached staffing and infrastructure capacity Variety needed a technology solution to support growth and resolve:Labourious manual processesPaper-based applications and supporting documentsMultiple staff handling requirements (duplication)Stand-alone systems with no integration

Needed a solution which was cost effective, robust, integrated meeting future needs without scaling up staff or overhead costs.

The SolutionAll-in-One Microsoft cloud solutionBringing together multiple technologies to provide a seamless and efficient experience for Varietys stakeholders

All in the cloud;

Microsoft Office 365Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016Microsoft CRM Online 2016Microsoft ADX Studio - Portal

The Results

AWESOME! Saves time Its great that sponsors can choose the child theyd like to support From day one we have been able to set up business processes and reports that were simply not possible before We have been able to automate admin tasks and provide instant automated feedback to our supporters

Varietys Future The Microsoft solution will enable Variety to significantly increase the number of children we can support:

Better journey for all stakeholdersSelect a child to sponsor through the online portalImproved staff efficiency and accuracyTimely analysis of fundraising campaigns and eventsIntelligent workflow analysis to effectively manage staff

600+ desperate kids on our waiting list today $1.50 a day to change a life. $1.50 a day to give a Kiwi kid the start to life they deserve.


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