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Ever wonder what the heck email delivery is? Why does deliverability matter, you say? Check out this one-hour webinar featuring Dyn Director of Email Mike Veilleux and Dyn Director of Deliverability Steve Wheeler as they walk you through it and answer a ton of listener questions.


  • 1. Intro To Email Delivery Maintaining An Email Marke5ng Program Mike Veilleux Steve Wheeler Director of Email, Dyn Director of Deliverability, Dyn @MikeVeilleux @InboxExpert
  • 2. Introduc5on Welcome and Introduc5on Email Components & Terminology Why Deliverability MaGers Maintaining an Email Marke5ng Program Introduc5on to DynECT Email Delivery Q&A
  • 3. Email Components & Terminology
  • 4. Email Lists Single Opt In Subscribe Double Opt In Subscribe and Verify 3rd Party Opt In Subscribed elsewhere Rented / Bought Who knows
  • 5. Email Types Transac5onal Password Resets Welcome and Ac5va5on Triggered Emails Bulk Daily Deals NewsleGers Product Releases
  • 6. Email Result Open Click Unsubscribes Complaint Recipient has reported email as spam to ISP Bounce Hard Should not retry SoV Retries are acceptable
  • 7. Email Components List Management Subscribed user database List segmenta5on Content Crea5on Email encoding Email Delivery External - Email Service Providers Internal - Mail Transfer Agent
  • 8. Why Deliverability MaGers
  • 9. Why deliverability maGers Only 84% of permission based mail makes it to a users inbox Return Path About 12% of that being lost all together Return Path For each delivered email message, four are blocked for spam - Yahoo This gives a rela5ve size of 4x volume of spam to permission based mail Marketers responsible for 70% of spam complaints Return Path
  • 10. Evolu5on of Email First large Content People get Email born Reputa5on volume ltering is crea5ve in 1971 by First spam monitoring SPAM in born in Viagra -> ARPANET message in is born 1994 1997 VI@GR@ 1978 References:templetons.com/brad/spamterm.htmlen.wikipedia.org/wiki/SpamAssassin
  • 11. Email Marke5ng Management Infrastructure Managing Customer Tes5ng Engagement Email Marke5ng
  • 12. Managing Customer Engagement
  • 13. Managing Customer Engagement Why? Reputa5on is king Engagement is key How? Holis5c Approach Your x-ray showed a broken rib, but we fixed it with Photoshop.
  • 14. Gehng on your list Opt in method Challenge Double Opt In Not enough signups Single Opt In High bounces, complaints 3rd Party Complaints Customer Complaints Example Sugges5ons Examples at signup Lower Complaints Address signup Accuracy of Email Address Prime Real Estate Amount of signups
  • 15. Cadence Daily Complaints Customer 2500 Expecta5on 2000 List Fa5gue 1500 1000 Preference 500 Centers 0
  • 16. Tailoring Content Ini5al Reac5on Subject lines are relevant Mobile Formats Alt Text / Pre Tags Ensure Content Accuracy List Segmenta5on
  • 17. Gehng o your list Simple Unsubscribes One click Top of email Re-join incen5ves great! Complaints Make sure to remove from email list More than approx. 0.02%? Look upstream!
  • 18. Manage Customer Engagement Tailor Manage gehng Content o your list Gehng on your Infrastructure List Reputa5on
  • 19. Infrastructure
  • 20. Infrastructure Planorm What do you need? Primary Source List Management Web development team Marke5ng Email Content Web development team Marke5ng Email Deployment Outsourced Internal
  • 21. Infrastructure Types Email Campaign Mgt. Bulk Mail Transfer Agent Bulk, Transac5onal Internal vs. External Open Source Paid Solu5ons Cloud based
  • 22. Infrastructure Details IP Management Segmenta5on via IPs IP Pools Monitoring IP address forward / reverse DNS setups IP, URL and Domain blacklists Feedback Loops Ensure user complaints are heard
  • 23. Tes5ng
  • 24. A/B Tes5ng Purpose: Op5mize customer conversions 2 or more varia5ons of a single element Subject Lines Open Rates Content Click Rates List Segments Both Compare results for future improvement
  • 25. Seed Account Tes5ng ISPs dont report inbox placement Sample mail to personal email accounts at various ISPs Report results
  • 26. DynECT Email Delivery
  • 27. DynECT Email Delivery Repor3ng Deliverability Protec3on Rest API Bounce Reclassica5on Web UI Complaints Postback API Suppression List Send Engagement Highly Available Tracking SMTP Open API Click Unsubscribes
  • 28. Thanks for listening! Signup for our newsleGer: dyn.com Follow our blogs: dyn.com/blog deliverability.com Now its 3me for Q&A