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<ul><li><p>Dylan Guarda guarda_dylan@hotmail.com </p><p> Target: PRIMARY TEACHER </p><p>Passionate and student-focused Educator offers a MA in Education, Learning, and Technology as well as a BA in Psychology. Excels at balancing subject content, Ontario curriculum, classroom management, and varied student learning styles to provide structured, effective, engaging, and differentiated learning experiences. Cultivates positive and inclusive classroom and school environments by collaborating with colleagues, encouraging parental engagement, and utilizing classroom technology, as well as a wide range of teaching and assessment strategies to support student development and academic success in marginalized populations. Fluent in English and Portuguese. </p><p>KEY STRENGTHS &amp; EXPERTISE </p><p> Balanced Literacy Diet Lesson Planning with </p><p>Differentiated Instruction Interdisciplinary Teamwork Oral/Written Communication </p><p> Critical Pedagogy Technology Integration Classroom Management Self-Regulated Learning Student-Centered Learning </p><p> Ontario Curriculum Parental Engagement Teacher-Student Relationships Creating Mathematical Mindset Diagnostic Assessment Materials </p><p> TEACHING EXPERIENCE </p><p> Classroom Teacher Assistant April 2013 June 2013 Holistic Education Centre Hearst, ON Assisted teacher in fostering a positive classroom environment for grade 3 and 4 students. Worked with students facing social disadvantaged, learning difficulties, and behavioural issues. Applied differentiated learning theory to provide equal learning opportunities for each student. Facilitated student-focused learning while implementing curriculum and lesson plans. Performed supervision of student extra-curricular activities, including basketball and floor hockey. </p><p> Student Teacher March 2013 Carleton Village Junior and Senior Public School Toronto, ON Developed and delivered lesson plans to a diverse class of grade 5 students. Improved student engagement by integrating technology into Math and English lessons. Employed collaborative learning techniques to guide centre based learning stations. Facilitated a safe learning environment for students with socio-economic and behavioural issues. Utilized smart-board to aid student retention of math principles and history material. </p><p> Student Teacher November 2012 Highview Public School Toronto, ON Developed engaging and effective lesson plans by incorporating culturally relevant pedagogy, read </p><p>alouds, and hands on activities that stimulated critical thought. Applied classroom management capabilities to supervise and educate a full-day kindergarten class. Collaborated with Associate teacher and other staff to develop innovative assessment strategies. Facilitated personal professional development by attending Pathway Presentations for teachers. </p><p> Continues on Page 2 </p></li><li><p>Dylan Guarda PAGE 2 </p><p>TEACHING EXPERIENCE CONTINUED English Teacher September 2011 January 2012 Teach and Learn Georgia, Federal Georgian Government Georgia Utilized ESL teaching techniques to assist students in learning the English language. Employed knowledge of Total Physical Response (TPR) theory to mitigate language barriers. Assisted primary students, from grade 1 to grade 6, in achieving English learning objectives. Fostered students structured conversational abilities through basketball and soccer games. Created engaging and effective lessons by incorporating songs and stimulating language games. Coordinated extra-curricular activities, including homework club, to create social situations and </p><p>opportunities to improve students verbal English abilities. Volunteer Tutor Sept 2012 April 2013 Pathways to Education Toronto, ON Conducted mentorship sessions with marginalized youth, facilitating better lifestyle choices. Assisted in the development of literacy skills in students facing learning difficulties. Performed diagnostic assessments to inform learning strategies for low-literacy students. Incorporated students interests into a various reading and writing based lesson plans, resulting in </p><p>increased student engagement. Volunteer November 2006 August 2007 Heritage Canada Youth Volunteer Organization, Katimavik, Newfoundland Collaborated with volunteer team to restore a railway heritage site into an educational resource. Utilized written communication skills to compose accompanying texts for site artifacts. Facilitated school visits to the heritage site, providing educational guidance on sites history. </p><p> Assistant Teacher February 2006 May 2006 Heritage Canada Youth Volunteer Organization, Katimavik, British Columbia Worked with gifted and special needs students to improve their numeracy and literacy abilities. Conducted small group sessions and one-on-one tutoring to implement prescribed education plan. Coordinated and supervised extracurricular homework clubs and an intramural basketball league. Established visual learning strategies and routines that facilitated ongoing development of an </p><p>autistic students social and physical skills. </p><p>PROPFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Forest Fire Fighter | Crew Leader 2009 Present Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Aviation Forest and Emergency Services (AFFES) Toronto, ON Responsible for Training new crew members on proper Fire Fighting technique and procedures as </p><p>well as provide knowledge of basic fire behavior theory. Utilized strong communication skills to resolve issues during high-stress, fast-paced emergencies. </p><p>Continues on Page 3 </p></li><li><p>Dylan Guarda PAGE 3 </p><p>PROPFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CONTIUNUED </p><p>(Forest Fire Fighter | Crew Leader, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, AFFES) Collaborated with team to ensure safety in compliance with the Ontario Health and Safety Act. Accomplishments: Promoted to Crew Leader in 2014 for consistent demonstration of effective communication, </p><p>leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills facilitating efficient team performance. </p><p>EDUCATION &amp; PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT </p><p>Masters of Arts in Education, Learning, and Technology, Expected 2015 University of Oulu, Finland </p><p>Courses: Collaborative Learning, Mentoring Processes, Education Projects Course, Designing Technology and Enhanced Learning I and II, Learning Theory and Pedagogical Use of ICT (Information </p><p>Communication Technology), Self-Regulated Learning, Issues in Globalization, Mathematics Education. </p><p>Projects: Education Project Course </p><p>Developed lesson plans utilizing 3D printing technology. </p><p>Thesis: Critical Pedagogical Interpretations of Self-Regulated Learning Theory (SRL) </p><p>Profiled Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) Theory Teacher in a Primary School in Finland and concluded that SRL needs critical pedagogical interpretations in order to produce an effective and equitable learning </p><p>environment. </p><p>Honours Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, 2011 </p><p>Continuing Education: </p><p>TRIBES Basics Certificate, Elementary Schools, 2013 </p><p>Educating for Peace and Justice Certificate, Action for Safe and Equitable Classrooms, 2012 </p><p>Classroom Management Conference, 2012 </p><p>Emergency First Aid Certificate, To Date </p><p>References Available Upon Request </p></li></ul>