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<ul><li><p>Dylan M. Covell dmcovell@mix.wvu.edu </p><p>PROFILE </p><p>Studying to become a multidisciplinary engineer with excellent problem solving abilities. Strong technical and </p><p>methodical aptitude ensures fast learning and creative solutions to engineering problems. Excellent work ethic and </p><p>values of quality work enables high efficiency on projects. Dependability and integrity to ensure accuracy and </p><p>produce results. Goal is to eventually conduct research and development of robotic systems. </p><p>CORE STRENGTHS &amp; TECHNICAL SKILLS </p><p> 2D, 3D Computer Modeling </p><p> 3D Printing (Spring 2017) </p><p> AutoDesk AutoCAD </p><p> AutoDesk Fusion 360 </p><p> AutoDesk SolidWorks </p><p> BIM Tekla Structures 2016 </p><p> CAD Sketching &amp; Drawing </p><p> CNC Modeling &amp; Operation (Spring 2017) </p><p> MathWorks MATLAB </p><p> Material Science Analysis (Spring 2017) </p><p> Microsoft Office Suite </p><p> Team Leadership &amp; Project Management </p><p> Time Management &amp; Prioritization </p><p> Typing: 50+ words a minute </p><p>EDUCATION </p><p>Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering Projected Graduation, Spring 2019 </p><p>West Virginia University Morgantown, WV Current GPA: 3.41 </p><p>Relevant Courses Taken: </p><p> AP Biology (Bio 101 104) </p><p> AP Chemistry (Chem 115 &amp; 116) </p><p> Calculus I &amp; II (III in Spring 2017) </p><p> Dynamics (Spring 2017) </p><p> Engineering Problem Solving I &amp; II </p><p> Mechanics of Materials (Spring 2017) </p><p> Mechatronics (MAE 211) </p><p> Orientation to Engineering </p><p> Physics 111 &amp; 112 </p><p> Statics (MAE 241)</p><p>WORK EXPERIENCE </p><p>WSP - Parsons &amp; Brinckerhoff, Sharpsburg, Maryland May August 2016 </p><p>Engineering Internship </p><p> Technical assistance with steel connections &amp; assembly details for active multimillion dollar project </p><p> Review standard structural details, cross sections, and general construction drawings for precision </p><p> Model and review Tekla files for accuracy to previously evaluated details and structural maps </p><p>ACTIVITIES AND HONORS </p><p> Boy Scout Troop 25 Eagle Scout Rank &amp; Troop Guide </p><p> West Virginia Governors Honors Academy </p><p> WV State Science Fair, Engineering, 1st Place - 2013 </p><p> Naval Research Science Award, 2013 </p><p> WV State Science Fair Innovative Engineering Award </p><p> WV State Science Fair Most Outstanding Exhibit, 2013 </p><p> WVU Honors Program </p><p> WVU Mountaineer Scholarship </p><p> Venture Crew 25 Ranger Award &amp; President </p><p>References available upon request. </p><p>mailto:dmcovell@mix.wvu.edu</p></li></ul>