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InstructionInstructions :Please read the note below the sample data sheet.Call us on 022-61377755 for any queries.Our mail ids are Implement@cnergee.comsupport@cnergee.com

AreaCountryNameStateNameCityNameLocationNameAreaNameSub Areaname (if defined)AreaDescArea Docket Code
Ratnesh: Cnergee:3 char : Use to create the receipt no, complaint no, prospect no.IndiaMaharashtraDombivaliDombivali EastRamnagar1all suburbsRN1IndiaMaharashtraDombivaliDombivali EastRamnagar2all suburbsRN2IndiaMaharashtraDombivaliDombivali WestVishnunagarall sectorsVN1IndiaMaharashtraDombivaliDombivali WestGreen Estateall suburbsGE1

NoteCountryName, StateName, CityName are self explanatory. LocationName : eg is divided into 2 zones like East and West. Therefore there would be 2 locations East and West.AreaName : eg East would have areas like Ramnagar1, Ramnagar2, Vishnunagar etc.AreaDesc : would contain a short note on the area. Eg. Sector 1, 2 in Ramanagar 1 and Sector 3, 4 are in Ramnagar 2Area Docket Code : This notation will be used as a prefix for all receipts nos, complaint ticket and prospect identification. Must be 3 characters long.

Server-24OLServer IPServer User NameServer PasswordServer PortServer TypeServer LocationServer DescriptionOwnershipIs Webservice EnabledISP NameEnable Customer CareEnable RenewalEnable New Customer CreationSubsctiber Web PageMobile app for renewalMobile app for serviceSubscriber mobile appFor Area
Ratnesh: Ratnesh:Multiple areas can be assigned to one server

Area -> Server : Many to Oneserver -> Area : One to many111.111.111.111cmayaadmincmayaadmin1008024OLD-Vois Server RoomD-VoisYesD-VoisYesYesYesYesYesYesYesRamnagar1111.111.111.112cmayaadmincmayaadmin1008024OLD-Vois Server RoomD-VoisYesD-VoisYesYesYesYesYesYesYesRamnagar2111.111.111.113cmayaadmincmayaadmin1008024OLD-Vois Server RoomD-VoisYesD-VoisYesYesYesYesYesYesYesVishnunagar111.111.111.114cmayaadmincmayaadmin1008024OLData CenterD-VoisYesD-VoisYesYesYesYesYesYesYesGreen Estate

NoteServer IP : IP of 24OL ServerServer User Name : username with admin rights for CMAYA. This will be used for internal purpose. You can restrict the access apart from CMAYA serverServer Password : The password for CMAYA userServer Port : 10080 for 24OL web service. If the port defined is different please mention the same.Server Type : 24OLServer Location : The physical location of the server. This is for info only.Server Description : Any other info regarding server. Ownership : D-VoisIs web service enabled : In 24OL there is a module by the name of Web Service. Ensure that the same is enabled.ISP Name : Name of bandwidth providerEnable Customer Care : Enable customer care services of CMAYA for this server. Would be either Yes or No.Enable Renewal : Enable Renewal services of CMAYA for this server. Would be either Yes or No.Enable New Customer Creation : Enable Registration of new customer services of CMAYA for this server. Would be either Yes or No.For Area : This server is catering to how many areas (One server for multiple locations)If you have Radius Server then you can mention "All Area".

PackagePackage Full NamePackage Short NamePackage DescPackage TypePackage ValidityData Transaction LimitData Transaction Limit Type
Ratnesh: Cnergee:Only : MB or GB in case of volume based packIs Free Package for auto renewal
Ratnesh: Cnergee:If you have auto renewal process then specify the package. For this pakage rates are 0 and you can configure area wise.ISPNameServer IP or NameArea NameBase Package RateService TaxService Tax Rate TypeFinal Package RatePackage rate Effective FromInstallation charges for new account creationIs Package Available for area512 Kbps 1Month UL1MUL512512 Kbps 1Month ULTime Based300NoYashash111.111.111.111Ramnagar150012Percentage56015-Jul-13500yes512 Kbps 3Months UL 3MUL512512 Kbps 3Months UL Time Based900NoYashash111.111.111.112Ramnagar2800100Fixed90015-Jul-130yes1MBps 10GB 1Months L10GB1M2MB1MBps 10GB 1Months LVolumeBased3010GBNoYashash111.111.111.113Vishnunagar200010Percentage220015-Jul-13500yes2MBps 20GB 1Months L20GB1M2MB2MBps 20GB 1Months LVolumeBased3020GBNoYashash111.111.111.114Green Estate3000400Fixed340015-Jul-13300yes

MemberDetailsMember Login IDMember From DateIs Member ActiveIP AddressIP Pool NameCAFNoCAFDateTitleFirst NameMiddle NameLast NameGenderDate of BirthNationalityMobile No primary (mandatory)Mobile No secondaryHome Phone1Home Phone2PAN NumberEmail IdSecondary Email IdArea NameSub Area NameInstallation Location Address Line1Installation Location Address Line2Installation Pin CodePremises TypeISP NameAbhijitBorseMIndianplot no 5AnkushIraleMIndian9850846689ankush.irale@gmail.comB wing Flat N 401 Satyam shivam sundaram manjari BK PuneBalajiNaikerMIndian9004300669balaji.naiker@gmail.comFlat No :-D 303 DamodarVihar Pune Slapur Road Manjari BK baliramWaghamareMIndianShop No.19DattaSatputeMIndianShop No.19BasavarajTeliMIndian8390904205P S Villa Row house 20 Manjari BK pune CharanBhandariMIndian9850659595charan9595@gmail.comSr No 95 Madhav Bag Soc Manjari BkDeeptiAgrawalFIndian9004722709a_deepti100@yahoo.co.inA wing Flat N 504 Nandini Dreams Shevalwadi manjari BK PuneDilipBhandariMIndianmadhav Baug GopalpattyGaneshPatilMIndian9823844744ganesh9ps@gmail.comA wing Flat N 101 Satyam shivam sundaram manjari BK PuneGhanshyamRathodMIndian9823259855jitz.winz@gmail.comB4 Flat No 403 P.S.Villa Shevalwadi manjari BK PuneHemantKaleMIndian9970123803eliteuchiha@gmail.comB 401 Patil Towar Sr No 77 Near Sagar Inn Manjari BK VishalJagtapMIndian9881390990oxygen valley c shop no : 8kiranPatilMIndian8412994842rock.kiran69@gmail.comA wing Flat N 701 Satyam shivam sundaram manjari BK PuneKrishnanTKMIndian9820206863tiyanka@yahoo.comBang No A/2 Priyanka Subhakalp Hos Soc Kanifnath Manjri BKGaneshKuberMIndian8087790403kuber.ganesh@gmail.comFlat No 503 Wing A2 Oxygen vally Manjari BK PuneMandar SonawaneMIndianGopl pattiPrakashSolankiMIndian7575441890solanki.mayank@gmail.comB wing Flat N 601 Satyam shivam sundaram manjari BK PunePareshpimpalkarMIndian9766066699i_paresh@sify.comC wing Flat N 401 Satyam shivam sundaram manjari BK PunePooja GuravFIndian8108227587ashutoshgurav1999@gmail.comOxygen Vally B1 404 Manjari BK solapur roadPrabhanjanChavanMIndian9323239316cprabhanjan94@gmail.comB1 Flat No 404 P.S.Villa Shevalwadi manjari BK PuneRohanPandyaMIndian7875202666pandyarohan0@gmail.comFlat No 303 Damodar Vihar Shevalwadi Manjari BK Prashant DeshmukhMIndian9004084170pvdesh77@hotmail.comP S Villa Row house 18 Manjari BK pune RahulKuwarMIndian9403704887rahulkuwar88@yahoo.comHo No 1029 Sankalp Col Mahadev Nagar Manjari Bk Rajiv gandhiRajendranMIndian8600002873rajiv.gandhi.rj@accenture.com Flat No B2 603 oxygen valley Shevalwadi Manjari BK PuneDeepakRamshetteMIndian9960888716deepakramshette@gmail.comB4 Flat No 304 P.S.Villa Shevalwadi manjari BK PuneRohan PatilMIndian8149203996drrohanjpatil@gmail.comP S Villa Row house 24 Manjari BK pune RohitMoreMIndian9371151855rohit_morem@rediffmail.comA2 Flat N 607 Sampanna Homes manjari BK PuneRonaldPintoMIndian7507131097rondafonz7@gmail.comBang No B24 Ravi Garden Pune Solapur Road PuneSwapnilRakhMIndian9403599742swapnilrakh111@gmail.comB 3 Filat No 206 Ps Villa Shevalvadi Manjari BK PuneshrimantsansareMIndian9763598608oxygen valley c shop no : 1SauravShekherMIndianFlat No101 Mahalakshmi aanganSubhaSahaFIndian9830117340subhasaha@yahoo.comB1 202 Flat N 607 Sampanna Homes manjari BK PuneSushil KumarTiwariMIndian7768988463sushil.tiwari16031988@gmail.comB2 Flat N 503 Sampanna Homes manjari BK PuneSwarnPriyaMIndian7774032435swarnpriyaswarn@gmail.comA Wing Flat No 303 satyam shivam sundaram manjari Bk solapur pune road puneVikasGuptaMIndian9902034700vikasgupta700@gmail.comA1 703 Flat N 607 Sampanna Homes manjari BK PuneUmeshKumarMIndian9923385833umesh.kumar128@gmail.comB1 Flat No 307 P.S.Villa Shevalwadi manjari BK PuneVeenaSherekarFIndian8482835367webdivine123@gmail.comFlat No402 Mauli Hights Shevalavadi Manjari BKVijayanGMIndian8975282626gvtafe@gmail.comA wing Flat N 203 Satyam shivam sundaram manjari BK PuneVirsinhNipanikarMIndian8983408146virsinh.nipanikar@gmail.comFlat No :-D 203 DamodarVihar Pune Slapur Road Manjari BK VishvadeepTripathiMIndian9503398386vishvadeep@gmail.comC 702 Satyam Shivam Sundaram Manjari BK Pune Solapur Road PuneAkashPanditMIndian9028150187akashworld2007@gmail.comFlat No 502 A2 oxygen vally Shewalawadi Manjari BKAkdasShaikhMIndian9579876315akdasshaikh866@gmail.comC wing Flat N 201 Satyam shivam sundaram manjari BK PuneAmitSamsonMIndianB-2Amol DhoreMIndian9860981101globalcomputers32@gmail.comsr No 192 sampana home C2 shop na 8 sewalewadi pune AnilFundeMIndian9881741712anilfunde@gmail.comSujank Niwas sainath colony Manjari Stud farm Manjari BkBishnuPrasad padhyMIndian9881250283bishnu.padhy@rediffmail.comA wing Flat N 501 Satyam shivam sundaram manjari BK PuneDeepakMehetreMIndianB-1AbhishekDesaiMIndian7774881777kanifnath Society Shevalwadi Manjari BKDhananjayShanwareMIndian9373442937dhananjay.shanware@gmail.comFlat No A 501 Dreame Nandini Shewalwadi Manjari BK GirishNaikMIndian9545450418girish.naik120@gmail.comOxygen Valley B1 404 Manjari BK Solapur Road puneGopalaPeelaMIndian7709984637gkpeela@gmail.comB Wing Flat No 603 satyam shivam sundaram manjari Bk solapur pune road puneRavigokhaleMIndian9545528016r_r_gokhale@yahoo.co.ukB4 Flat No 305 P.S.Villa Shevalwadi manjari BK PuneVishalGaikwadMIndian9762356490vishalcgaikwad83@gmail.comP S Villa flat No 006 B 2 manjari bk pune HarpreetsinghMIndian9822814296singhharpreet81@gmail.comFlat No 701 Wing B1 Oxygen vally Manjari BK PuneJanardhanMuleMIndian9657284440mulejanardhan@gmail.comShop No A06 Chourang Smith Silp Madhav Nagar Manjari BKVijayJinkaMIndian9158115719vijay.jinka@gmail.comFlat No. 608 Sampann Homes A2 Sewalwadi Manjari BKVishalJahagirdarMIndian8237877050jahagirdar.vishal@gmail.comC wing Flat N 506 Satyam shivam sundaram manjari BK PuneH