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The Duchess of Malfi By John Webster

The Duchess of MalfiBy John WebsterACT V- Scene 1

Realistic deliOThinks Antonios hope of reconciliation as false.Thinks Antonios letters of safety as devices to capture him( Antonio).{It shows lawless intrigue and paradox as well} Delio- For though they have sent their letters of safe conduct For your repair to Milan, they appear But nets to entrap you.

Lesser knowledge of antonioUnaware of his property.Deprivation of his livelihood by The Marquis of Pescara.Suffering of innocent.

Shifting of Delios IdentityPretends to be fake petitioner.Demands the Fort of Benedict from Pescara.Paradox of Pescara: It is neither appropriate for me to grant nor appropriate for you to accept Above mentioned statement refers to the theme of Machiavellian Man.

Power playPescara gives the property of the Fort of Benedict to Julia.Julia brings recommendation letter signed by Cardinal.Antonios Irony: people enrich themselves with property of a ruined man.We here find Julias crude excitement, triumph of guilty.

Trickery/ JusticeDelio questions to Pescara.Pescaras reason- It would not have been appropriate for me to have given property to a friend like Delio.Consequence: The illegal property goes back to serve the evil purpose for the satisfaction of Cardinals lust( toward Julia). Pescara- I am glad This land, ta en from the owner by such wrong, Returns again unto so foul an use As salary for his lust.

Revenge/ Guilty consciousnessAntonio intends to visit Cardinal for reconciliation.Antonios imagination: Cardinal might soften towards him.Relief from the burden upon Antonios mind Antonio- If it fail Yet it shall rid me of this infamous calling For better fall once than be ever falling.

Delios assurance to be loyal to Antonio.