dryland soil carbon sequestration in central asia and beyond

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Dryland Soil Carbon Sequestration in Central Asia and Beyond. CAREC Project Concept. Agenda. Introduction Carbon Sequestration Potential Sustainable Agricultural Practices Emission Trading Scheme Core Activities Budget Indication. Introduction. Size of Central Asia: 4 mio km - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Dryland Soil Carbon Sequestration in Central Asia and BeyondCARECProject Concept

  • AgendaIntroductionCarbon Sequestration PotentialSustainable Agricultural PracticesEmission Trading SchemeCore ActivitiesBudget Indication

  • Introduction

    Size of Central Asia: 4 mio kmDryland in CA: 3,7 mio km 92,5 %Carbon Balance of Dryland Soil on Average: 50 t/ha

  • Carbon Sequestration PotentialCA soil has lost 3-4% of its Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) 725 mio. t CO2 Reason: Conversion of virgin land and excessive monocultureOther sources, not included in estimation:Soil SalinityOvergrazingWind/Water erosion

    Future threat for food security, health and main income source of rural population

  • Sustainable Management Practices (SMP) Conservation Tilling, No-Till Techniques Cover Crops (especially legumes) Crop Rotation Water Efficiency Rotational Grazing Enhanced Pasture Plants

    Soil Organic Matter Increase:Enhanced Soil FertilityCombatting further ErosionCarbon Sequestration

  • Emission TradingBenefits from Emission Trading Scheme could provide necessary financial incentive to adopt SMPsCurrently, Carbon Sequestration not eligible for CDMfunding Problems in measurement & monitoring (M&M)


    Enhanced soil quality in Central Asia due to widespread use of sustainable land management practice, backed up by a system for measuring and monitoring carbon sequestration in order to profit from emission trading.

  • Core Activities1. Phase: Scientific Workshop Series

    Synthesized knowledge on CS in dryland, to be distributed within scientific/political community

    2. Phase: 3 5 Pilot Projects

    Knowledge (products) on SMP Assessment of M&M systems and first evaluation of CS potential

    3. Phase:Projection of CS potential in CA

    Advocacy of integration into Emission Trading

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