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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Anika AfzalBrac University Drug Dealing of Bangladesh is Surviving for Golden TriangleDrugs</p> <p>DrUGS In pharmacology, a drug is "a chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease or used to otherwise enhance physical or mental well-being. Recreational drugs are chemical substances that affect the central nervous system, such hallucinogens.Drag dealing/illeagal drag trades</p> <p> DRUG DEALING/illegal drug treadingThe Illegal drug trade is a global black market that is dedicated to the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and sale of drugs that are subject to drug prohibition laws.</p> <p>The golden triangleThe Golden Triangle is one of Asia's two main opium-producing areas. It is an area of around 367,000 square miles (950,000km2) that overlaps the mountains of three countries of Southeast Asia: Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.</p> <p>Causes of using drugs:To forget painEasy to getA way of entertainment</p> <p>Routes of Trafficking in Bangladesh:</p> <p>Western RoutesEast and South-Eastern RoutesNorth and North Western routesRoadRiverRailAir</p> <p>The western routes with India are Darshana, Zibannagar of Chuadanga, Hili and Birol of Dinajpur and Moghulhat, Aditmari, Durgapur, Fulbari, Nageshwari of Kurigram and Nawabgonj, Rajshahi, Meherpur &amp; Debhat and Kaligonj of Khulna and Benapole, Chowgacha of Jessore.Eastern Routes are Akhaura, Zhautala, Sadullahpur, Nawagaon, Singer bil, Col. bazar, Gangasagar and Kasba of B.Baria, Bibirbazar, Chagalnaiya, Maharajganj and Gutuma of Feni, Barkal and Baghaichari of Rangamati, Chittagong, Teknaff of Coxs Bazar, Dighinala, Panchari, and Matiranga of Khagrachari.Northern Routes are Haluaghat(Telikhali/Karaitali/Surjyapur/ Bandarkata/ Munsirhat/ Munshipara) of Mymensing and Durgapur (Bijoypur and Bhabani area) of Netrokona and Bangla Banda, Bhurungabari, Jhenaigati, Sunamgonj, Tamabil.</p> <p>Among the trafficking routes to Bangladesh, the vast forests and terrain areas of hill tracts and the Bangladeshi, Myanmar and Thai Fishing Trawlers are being safely used for trafficking heroin into BangladeshBangladesh, with its longest borders with India on 3 sides and with Myanmar to the northeast has become very risky and vulnerable for drug trafficking and abuseMajor International Drug Trafficking Routes:Golden Triangle &gt; Bangkok-Singapore-Hong Kong&gt;Japan-&gt; Pacific route (air and sea) &gt; USA-Canada-Australia.Golden Triangle &gt; Bay of Bengal-Bangladesh-India-Pakistan &gt; Middle East &gt; South and South-Eastern Europe &gt; Western Europe&gt; USA&gt;Canada. (Air, sea and land)Golden Triangle &gt; Bay of Bengal&gt;India&gt;Sri Lanka &gt; Middle East-Africa &gt; USA&gt;Canada (air and sea).Dhaka has become the prime transit route for trafficking heroin to Europe from Southeast Asia, according to a report from the International Narcotics Control Board 2007 annual report.An estimated 100,000 people work in the drug trafficking commerce in Bangladesh.</p> <p>Counter:Drugs are now being producing in our country.</p> <p>Argument:The production rate is very low now.</p> <p>So, drug dealing in bangladesh is actually surviving for the golden triangle.</p> <p>Solutions:Government must be more active to stop illeagal drug trading.Police and border guards should be more authorized and honest.Ensuring of the law for the drug dealers</p> <p>Reference https://www.google.com.bdhttp://tib2012.blogspot.com/2012/07/drug-trade-in-bangladesh.htmlhttp://www.indexmundi.com/bangladesh/illicit_drugs.htmlwww.dnc.gov.bd/route.html</p>