drug and alcohol abuse in teens

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Teens. Leah Wernsing 9 th Grade Students. Drugs and alcohol. Teens often experiment They do not see the dangers They think they are invincible. Teens at risk. Family history Depressed Low self-esteem Don’t fit in. Warning signs of abuse. Physical Emotional - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Teens

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in TeensLeah Wernsing9th Grade Students

Drugs and alcoholTeens often experimentThey do not see the dangersThey think they are invincible

Teens at riskFamily historyDepressedLow self-esteemDont fit inWarning signs of abusePhysicalEmotionalFamilySchoolSocial problems

Legal drugs that are abusedPrescribed drugsInhalantsOver the counter medicine

Illegal drugs that are abusedMarijuanaStimulantsLSDHeroinDesigner drugs

Teen abuse of prescription drugsUp 33 percent since 20081 out of 4 abuse them at least onceTranslates to 5 million teens

How they are abusedTaking medication not prescribed to youUnaware of dangersMostly with painkillersGiven by friends or relatives

How they are abusedTaking a higher quantity than prescribedSometimes crush tablets and snortDrug goes into bloodstreamHow they are abusedTaking drug for different purpose than prescribed

Adderall is used to increase academics

Drug abuse effectsShort term:Nausea DizzinessDelusionsBleeding of the stomach

Drug abuse effectsLong term: Liver damageBrain damageDeath by overdose

Alcohol abuseAlcoholism is a diseaseFeeling compared to a feeling of hungerCan cause problems with social lifeSigns of alcohol abuseChange in attitudeDepressionIssues at schoolLack of interest in anything

Alcohol abuse effects:Short term: Different perceptions of emotions, hearing, and visionCan lead to homicides and suicides

Alcohol abuse effectsLong term:Stomach ailmentsLiver and heart damageMemory lossCentral nervous system damageHow to get helpHotlines: http://rehabsite.4rehabilitation.com/?apcid=3300&keyword=%2Bdrug%20%2Band%20%2Balcohol%20%2Bhelp&gclid=CJnUt9yS8bkCFQSf4Aod8V4ArQ