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personality disrodes and durg addicions


  • Mariandrea Escalante

    Ana Luca Merlos Dania Rodrguez

    Mnica Vargas Henry teque


    1. Review the vocabulary - How are addiction, tolerance, and

    withdrawal related to drug abuse?

    A drug addiction is a problem because people

    have an irresistible urge to consume. The

    tolerance it is when the person needs more of the

    drug and increases it but the person has the same

    effect as when consume a little amount.

    Withdrawal is when a person stops using drugs

    and has secondary effects.


    2. Visualize the main idea

    Use an outline to list

    characteristics of an

    antisocial personality.

    The people with antisocial personality exhibit a persistent disregard for and violation of other rights.

    They treat people as objects.

    They show an intolerant attitude of everyday frustations.

    They live for the moment.

    They never learn how to stay out of trouble.

    Some of them can get away with destructive behavior.

    They win affection or confidence from others whom they then take advantage of.

    They dont feel anxiety and guilt.

  • 3. Recall Information

    What are the

    three stages of

    alcholism? How

    can alcohol

    lead to



    Three Stages of alcholism:

    Early Stage: The alcoholic may begin to start drinking to get relief from problems.

    Middle Stage: Loss of control and drinking for longer periods of time begins to occur.

    Late Stage: Severe withdrawal symptoms when quitting are common because the body

    needs the alcohol fix.

    How can alcohol lead to psychological

    dependence? It creates a significant dependence to alcohol

    When it reaches this point the physical and

    mental deterioration in the person is very

    important, getting to have non-reversible

    disease that only serve to worsen your

    condition and hasten his death.

  • It can be distinguished by the significant relationships

    that they can have with other people, if it costs them

    socialize or fit a specific location. Also by the

    abnormality that may have people not being

    comfortable with the world, either emotionally or

    physically, and here you can get what is drug

    addiction and lost as if to draw attention and people

    look at you with addictions feel safer.

    4. Think Critically How do personality disorders differ from other psychological disorders?

  • 5. Application Activity Create a questionnaire for teens

    to help them determine when drinking alcohol becomes

    a problem.

    1. Do you really know what are the problems that alcohol

    produce in your organism?

    2. What is the other psychological and physiological function

    that the alcoholism affects you?

    3. Do you know who you can cause damage with alcohol?

    4. Do you know what is the problem that alcohol produce in

    your mind?

    5. Do you know how can alcohol affect your life and

    relationship that you have with your family, friends,

    classmates, etc?