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1. DROUGHT IMPACTS IN WESTERN FRESNO COUNTY C R L A , C C L S , C E N T R O B I N A C I O N A L O A X A Q U E N O S U R V E Y R E S U LT S A N D O U T R E A C H Photo: Janaki Jagannath CRLA 2. SURVEY EFFORT Style: Narrative/Interview In-person Data points + 5 narrative questions Geographic location: Fresno, Madera, and Tulare Counties Centro Binacional Para El Desarollo Inigena Oaxaqueno 3. http://wwd.ca.gov/about-westlands/maps/ Also Surveyed: Orange Cove Reedley Parlier Sanger Firebaugh 4. PREFERRED LANGUAGE Spanish 138 78% English 25 14% Mixteco 21 12% Zapoteco 5 3% Triqui 3 2% Chatino 0 0% Tlapaneco 2 1% Other 3 2% 5. ACCESS TO INTERNET Yes 15 8% No 67 38% 6. GENDER IDENTITY Masculino/Male 75 42% Feminino/Female 94 53% Otro/Other 0 0% N/A 0 0% 7. MARRIAGE STATUS Casado.a /Married 122 69% Soltero.a /Single 35 20% Viudo.a /Widow 2 1% Divorced 6 3% N/A 0 0% 8. SEASONAL OR PERMANENT WORKER Temporal/Seasonal 134 76% Permanente/Permanent 25 14% 9. AGES AND OCCUPATIONS Majority surveyed in their mid 40s Truck driver Tractor Driver- Almonds Construction work Solar company Melon packing Dry fruit sorter Irrigator in garlic fields Grape picker Store clerk Cannery Housewife Gardener 10. WHERE DOES YOUR WATER COME FROM? Distrito local de agua/ local water district 44 25% Distrito de agua superficiales/ surface water district 5 3% Pozo chico compartido/ shared well system 5 3% Pozo privado/ private well 9 5% Agua comprado/ purchased water 6 3% 11. AREAS OF NEED FOR ASSISTANCE Pago de renta/Rent 71 40% Pago de agua/ Water bill 37 21% Pago de luz/Lights/electric 82 46% Comida/ Food 74 42% Acceso a salud medico/ Access to healthcare 14 8% 12. What I need help with is paying for my propane. I use my propane to heat up the house. When my children come home from school they come home to a cold house, because I would rather have my kids have a heated home when they shower and before they go to bed we have to pay for the gas to run our stoves and heat water. That is about $300- 400/month We need help with the electricity bill. The bills are very high due to our housing not having energy efficient appliances. Our window are old. Our apartments in the complex are old and need to be worked on. ELECTRICITY/GAS 13. FOOD I am going shopping but buying less. I only buy the minimum food needed. I am not receiving notices on where to get the food from the food bank. The food bank does not give food out locally, only in San Joaquin [nearby small city]. Many people here are undocumented and are selling food stamps to pay for rent. I go to the food give away twice a month and the Food Bank at the church. It also needs to get to households with undocumented people. 14. WATER BILLS The water issue has been the scam for many of us. We pay for water that is not drinkable. Although we pay for the water, we always find ourselves having to pay for bottled water. Water comes from San Luis Reservoir, water from the Canal. Manning/Derrick Avenue. Increase in water bill to $280.00/mo for water. Very expensive and needs assistance along with other bills I have to purchase my water. For the past 4 years I have been buying water. The water here is contaminated and even still I pay around $115/month for water. On top of that I pay $7.50/week and around $30/month for bottled water. Every 8 days I purchase around 5 gallons for myself and my family. Also there is not enough water for the farms so there is less work. 15. HEALTH CARE Went to apply for assistance but due to my legal status I did not qualify. My family and I are not enrolled in medi- cal or any health care plan. I stopped going to the dentist. I have high blood pressure. The local clinic fees are $65.00 per visit. [I am] diabetic and have a bill for $631.00 and no money to pay the bill. 16. Photo: Janaki Jagannath CRLA 17. Photo: Janaki Jagannath CRLA 18. Photo: Janaki Jagannath CRLA 19. Photo: Janaki Jagannath CRLA 20. Photo: Janaki Jagannath CRLA 21. Photo: Janaki Jagannath CRLA 22. Photo: Janaki Jagannath CRLA 23. Photo: Janaki Jagannath CRLA 24. Photo: Janaki Jagannath CRLA 25. Photo: Janaki Jagannath CRLA 26. Photo: Janaki Jagannath CRLA


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