driver education chapter 1 you are the driver.  do now:  what are some laws and regulations...

Download Driver Education Chapter 1 You are the Driver.  Do Now:  What are some laws and regulations that are meant to keep drivers and pedestrians safe on the

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Drivers Education

Driver Education Chapter 1

You are the Driver

Do Now:

What are some laws and regulations that are meant to keep drivers and pedestrians safe on the road? What are some car features that are meant to keep drivers and passengers safe in the car?

You are part of the systemWhat Do The Letters HTS Stand For?

Purpose of HTS: To move people and cargo from one place to another in a safe manner.___________ ______________________Make up the HTS Simple neighborhood lanes, complex super highways, and every kind of street in between make up approximately 4 Million Miles that link every state, county, city, and town in America.Highway Transportation System (HTS)Roadway Users (People who use the roadways by walking, riding, or driving)VehiclesRoadway 4People who travel the HTS by walking, driving, or riding

You must be alert to avoid RISK when driving. Roadway Users

Most individuals drive safe and low risk

Some drivers however may be distracted, tired, ill, Drunk.

You must take responsibility for avoiding trouble when driving.

5There are more than _____ million registered passenger vehicles in the US.

To be a safe driver, you MUST learn how to share the road with other vehicles.

Most individuals drive in a safe, low risk manner.

Some may be distracted, tired Ill, or impaired by alcohol.

Vehicles on the Roads

240 million Your job is to develop skills to lower risk and avoid conflict when interacting with these vehicles. When you are driving, you must take responsibility for avoiding trouble.

6Roads vary and the common conditions such as rain, nighttime, or rough pavement, can become major problems. Your job is to maintain control.


Drivers Battle More Icy Road Conditions in Union, New Jersey

Page 2 top half Identify the HTS Category Chapter 1

7Federal, State, and local government agencies work together to regulate the HTS. The National Highway Safety ActIncludes guidelines that states must follow such as: vehicle registration, driver licensing, traffic court, highway construction and maintenance. The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety ActRequires auto makers to install certain safety features in each motor vehicle.

Driving is a Privilege and by passing the licensing exam and signing your License, you agree to abide by all traffic laws.Regulating the HTS

8DMVEnforcement AgenciesTraffic CourtsEngineeringMedical AidEducationManagement of the HTSTo provide safe, rapid and efficient transportation of persons and goods to a desired destination.

Safe, Rapid and Efficient TravelThere has to be a balance between safe, rapid, and efficient travel. There is a balance between speed and safety. The faster we allow people to drive, the more speed related deaths. Right turn on red produces more

Goal of the HTSCars/SUVs 50% of all new vehicle salesLarge trucks 3%BusesMotorcycles (Most dangerous type of transportation)Bicycles (750 deaths in the US each year, 400 headInjury deaths)Mopeds (1,200 deaths in US each year, 25% DWI)Pedestrians (7,400 MV related deaths each year) 18%Recreational Vehicles (Motor homes, boats, trailers)Farm VehiclesMilitary VehiclesEmergency VehiclesUsers of the HTSDo Now: Brainstorm a variety of skills needed when driving?Your Driving Task

Must develop habits for:Using knowledge and visual skillsJudging speed, time, and spaceAnticipating how your car will respond under ordinary and emergency conditions

Becoming a low risk driverMental SkillsDecision Making involves critical judgment and continuous monitoring.

Stay Alert for unpredictable actions of drivers or pedestrians

Protect yourself and your passengers

Breakdowns on the HTS usually result from poor decision-making skills.14Interaction with others on theHighway.

Drivers must apply social skills to stressful situations to avoid conflict.

You must remain calm and patient in order to defuse a potentially dangerous situation.

Be a courteous driver Social Skills

15 Physical Skills The persons coordination with the vehicle.

Scanning your mirrors every few seconds.Hand Eye CoordinationUsing controls effectively Steering controls

Physical Skills Work Sheet top half of page 3 chapter 1. 16

IPDE ProcessIdentify Important Information in the current driving situation.

Predict When and Where possible points of conflict may develop.

Decide When, Where, and how to communicate, adjust speed, and/or change position to avoid conflict.

Execute - The correct action(s) to prevent conflict. Zone Control System Driving is a privilege, not a rightThe state extends you the privilege under the assumption that you will be a responsible traffic citizen and obey all traffic laws. Driving is a MAJOR responsibility. If you assume it and respect it, you will enjoy a lifelong adventure of safe, low risk, low stress driving. ..If you dont, you have the power of ruining your life and the lives of others

DO NOW: What are different costs associated with the driving task?

Your Driving Responsibilities Follow all laws Implied consent law.

Collisions - By law any driver involved in a collision must stop.

Legal Responsibilities Operating Cost Fuel, Oil, Tires, and Regular Maintenance

Fixed Cost Include purchase of the car, and licensing fees, and your insurance.

Crash Costs Financial Responsibilities Cost of an Accident

Have students guess the cost and go over it with them Worksheet bottom Half of page 2 chapter 1 YOUR DRIVING RESPONSIBILITES 21A breakdown in the HTS occurs when any part of the system does not work well.

Traffic tie-ups and collisions are examples of HTS breakdowns. Your responsible driving will be a major factor in preventing breakdowns in the HTS.

Breakdowns in the HTSThreats to the environment from driving Air pollution water pollution chemical spillsland pollution.

Actions people can take to help protect the environmentBuying and maintaining fuel efficient carsusing fuel efficient driving habitsRecycling used materialReducing driving through carpools and public transportation

Environmental ResponsibilityHOV Lanes23As a driver you must make decisions that show respect for yourself as well as other.

Disrespectful actions include high risk driving behaviors, such as.

Respectful actions when driving includeResponsibilities to Yourself and OthersEndangering yourself or passengers by speeding and/or reckless driving.

Respecting the GDL laws, good judgment, self control behind the wheel.

Worksheet Tic- Tac- Toe 24Graduated Driver License Program (GDL) Includes a learners permit stage, intermediate license stage, and the full-privilege stage. Drivers License Youtube clip for the state of NJ WorkSheert Review Page 1 Chapter 1 Worksheet - Crossword



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