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Drilling into new potentials for Open Badges

Drilling into new potentials for Open BadgesJudy Bloxham@gingerblox#eNetBadges

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Rise in fraudulent activityIdentity fraudIdentity theftHacking Financial fraud

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eMail HackingTargeting of house buyersGaining solicitors details via email hackingGetting vendor to send deposit to fraudulent account account

Customised Learning Technology SolutionsIdentity theftCollecting personal detailsImpersonation to withdraw funds over bank counterImage of Gloria Hunniford removed for copyright reasons

Customised Learning Technology SolutionsRip Off Britain presenter Gloria Hunniford says banks' security 'must be stronger' after she was ripped off herself for 120,000 by a fraudster posing as the elderly star.A plump elderly woman presented herself at a Santander branch in Croydon North End claiming to be the 76-year-old Loose Women star.She had the stars bank details and then brandished ID and a bank card in the name of Mary Winifred Gloria Hunniford - the presenter's real full name.

Read more:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3748559/Rip-Britain-presenter-Gloria-Hunniford-scammed-lookalike-turns-bank-drains-account-120-000.html#ixzz4NM142UCM4

Organisations have long been expected to verify the details given to them by customers. They have now come to recognise that they also need to apply those same standards to [prospective] employees.

Simon Dukes, Chief Executive of CIFAS

Customised Learning Technology SolutionsCIFAS national fraud investigation and databaseRise in CV fraud, over 60% of fraud recorded and confirmed with CIFAS in 2014 were employment application frauds5

Alison Ryan PR manager for Manchester United, claimed to have a first class degree from Cambridge. Sacked from the 125k job in 2000.

Yahoo boss Scott Thompson falsely claimed to have a computer science degree had to resign 2012Marilee Jones dean of admissions at MIT claimed to have three University qualifications, two degrees and a doctorate. Had job for 28 years before fraud was discovered!YOUREFIRED!

Customised Learning Technology SolutionsHASTAC: design principles for badges

Customised Learning Technology SolutionsTheDesign Principles Documentation Projectis capturing the design principles for using digital badges that are emerging across the30 HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Badges for Lifelong Learningprojects funded to develop badge systems.7

Badging Process

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Baked-in value

Customised Learning Technology SolutionsDigital badge has a baked in value can we leverage that? Currently open platforms allow anyone to create a badge, add the evidence required and determine who can award the badge. Any evidence is viewable by anyone who clicks on the badge, no option for granular permissions of privacy. Potential for the badge to be faked.9

eNet Badges RationaleDesigned for workplace accreditationCurrently no global over arching system to do thisOpen Badges provide the potential for this central store, but it is not the whole storyeCom focus is on providing badges for formal certified qualifications

Customised Learning Technology SolutionsHEDD (higher education degree datacheck) provides way to check UK university awarded qualifications cost per enquiry of 10Spain and Belgium have a national qualifications register but its only accessible in that country.

HR manager in FTSE100 company "It's very difficult to do the checking at the moment," she said. "It's quite a manual job and there's a lot of administration involved.

Need for easy way to validate qualifications and skills, particularly internationally


eNetBadges Features128 bit encryptionInteroperability with OBISystem updated to comply with OBI

Customised Learning Technology Solutions128 bit encryption not BlockchainDevelopment began before Blockchain was considered as a way of securing badge technologyBlockchain relies on a two way trust model for access eNetBadge access is open to anyone granted access as a viewer

System will be updated as new OBI standards are released11

eNetBadges Process

Customised Learning Technology SolutionsOrganisation is set up with specific issuers of badgesAPI can limit access to credentials you can choose who to share the information with and howBadge can be set to be issued automatically

Use authenticates identity to login and view their badges via email. Receive email when a badge is issued to them.User can upload additional evidence if necessary

Badge can be shared via backpack and social mediaCan generate a pdf version of badges to include with CV or job application embed into a digital document

Badge validity will always point back to eNetBadges platform for security


Certification for Oil DrillingRequired to:Prove identityProve qualified status

Because:Operations in high risk countriesValuable qualification so potential to defraudThreat of terrorismNot everyone speaks English!

Customised Learning Technology SolutionseCom Scotland was approached by an international awarding body for the oil exploration industry to look at alternative solutions to the problem of verification of status

Operations in countries where sanctions are in place, war zones, terrorism and security threats present.

Incidents of illegal operation in the industry



Customised Learning Technology SolutionsFor access to drilling rig need to prove identity and qualificationNeed to sit an exam every two years and update certificationWithout authentication they cant operate and arent allowed onto a rig

Old process required courier transfer of certificates and wallet cardsTotal cost of certification and couriering was over 1m per year

New process no certificate printed, wallet card has QR code to link to eNetBadgesReduction in cost of verifying the qualification reduced to 30,000 per year

The centres are validates for fitness to run exams every year badge to support this too

Other benefits can revoke the certificate of the individual, of the centre running the exams and any candidates linked to that centre from central point. Advantage is you can rapidly close down certification and therefore access rapidly if any mal practice is suspectedBuild in OBIolescence to badge so you know cert isnt out of dateEasy for the company engaging the drilling engineer to check validity and date of operationCan cross-validateAny suspicion of individual and the certificate can immediately be revoked14

View your status

Customised Learning Technology SolutionsUser can see their badges from the dashboard15

Award Badges

Customised Learning Technology SolutionsAwarding of badges is limited to specific personnel. Alternatively it can be linked to eNetAssess exam system and awarded automatically.

These badges are micro credentials rather than aggregation of evidenceHowever you can upload pdf evidence if required eg scan of paper cert16

Authenticate Badge

Customised Learning Technology SolutionsEvery badge has an issue number baked into it. If the badge is copied the number will be duplicated, number cannot be removed.

Here you can see centre authentication and other local authenticated centres17


Customised Learning Technology SolutionseNetBadges has API to allow linking with Mozilla BackpackAlternatively API can allow eNetBadges platform to be used as a Backpack and share badge from there18

Verifiable Accreditation

Customised Learning Technology SolutionsBadges are awarded to centres to verify they are fit to run the exams and award accreditationThis can be revoked if there is any suspicion of mal practice on the centre or the individual

Mobile app for verification of badge authenticity and to manage badges. Many of the areas where operations take place there is no wifi so need simple phone based solution.19

Discussion: Do we need security in Open Badges?

What FUNCTIONS do badges serve?

How do you VALIDATE the evidence in badges?

How do you PROTECT badge earners?

How do you RESTRICT access to evidence? (do we need to?)

Secure badges ADDING VALUE develop a use case

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