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Dream Vacation. By: Jessica Braun. Italy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Rome, Italy

Dream VacationBy: Jessica Braun1ItalyKnown as Italia to its natives, Italy is one of the most sought after travel spots in the world. Italy is known for stunning cities, awesome views, great food, beautiful language, ideal weather, and of course their world famous tourist spots. I would love to visit Italy and see all of its famous structures, learn about the language, culture, and enjoy the scenery!

2Facts about ItalyClimate: The weather in May is typically warm, and pleasant with temperatures around 65 degrees and up. Perfect weather for my vacation!

Terrain: Mountainous, uneven

Latitude and Longitude: 41 North ,29 East

Currency: (Euros) 1 =$1.30 in U.S currency

Official Language: Italian

Food: Pasta, lamb, veal, bread, cheese, fruit, and pizza are among Italys most popular foods.

Points of Interest: The Coliseum, The Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, The Sistine Chapel, The Pantheon, Spanish Steps, etc.3Flight & Hotel Information- I will travel to Italy from Newark, NJ. My flight takes off from EWR Airport on Saturday May 16th at 6:00 PM, and arrives to FCO Airport in Italy at 6:45 PM the next day. For the return trip I will be leaving FCO at 6:15 AM and arrive back to EWR at 11:06 PM the following evening. I will be traveling using Delta and Air France, Class: CoachTotal air-travel time: 33 hours and 41 min. Total cost of plane tickets: $557.80.Plane tickets and hotel were included in a package. The hotel is $1,363.95 for six nights. Because they were booked together I saved $81.25! Any my grand total is $1977.00 The hotel provides transportation from the airport to the hotel, for 60. I will be staying at the Borgo Pio 2000 located in a calm, quiet area in Rome. The nicely designed hotel rooms are actually small apartments: with plenty of space, a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. The hotel is also a reasonable walking distance from many of the attractions.

4Sunday9:00 am- Wake up and go to Sisa, a corner market, to pick up some groceries for the week.

10:00- Head back to the hotel, make breakfast, and shower before heading out for the day.

11:30- Leave the hotel and walk a few streets down to see the Sistine Chapel.

2:30- Go back to the hotel and eat a late lunch, then rest for awhile before dinner.

6:30- Go to a small pizzeria down the street for dinner and walk around the city streets for awhile.

7:30-Check out Tre Scalini pub to hangout and meet some of the locals

10:00 pm- Return to the hotel and settle in for the night.

5Monday8:30 am- Shower, then go to the caf across from Sisa for breakfast.9:15- Start walking from the caf to The Coliseum (about a half a mile away)12:00- Go to another caf to get lunch before going to The Pantheon.2:00- After seeing the Pantheon, venture over to The Spanish Steps. 4:30- After sight seeing and checking out the town head back to the hotel to make dinner.6:00 pm- Eat dinner, and hang around the hotel for the night.

6Tuesday9:00 am- Wake up to eat breakfast and go out to Porta Portese (a well priced market) and shop.

11:30- Take any purchased items back to the hotel to drop them off before going anywhere else.

12:00- Walk about 5 minutes to St. Peters Square and sight see for the rest of the day.

5:00- Get back to the hotel to shower to go out to dinner.

6:30- Go to a restaurant near by called Taverna Angelica for reasonably priced, authentic Italian food.

8:15- Head to Jazz Caf, a popular cocktail bar in Rome.

11:30 pm- Go back to the hotel and get a good nights sleep for an early day tomorrow.

7Wednesday8:00 am- Eat a quick breakfast, get dressed, then take a ten minute walk to the Ottavanio Metro Station. 9:00-Purchase a ticket for 1,and take the train to Pisa, Italy. Take a book to read, the train ride is a long one.12:00- When the train finally arrives in Pisa, go to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This is one of Italys most popular tourist attractions. Stay and sight see for awhile before heading back to the train station.4:00- Board the metro and travel back to Rome. 7:00 pm-Walk back to the hotel and have a late dinner before turning in for the night.

8Thursday11:00 am- Sleep in after few long days of sight seeing, get up and eat breakfast.

12:30- Leave the hotel for the day to go shopping at various markets and shops.

5:00- Shower and leave for Bar Ciao restaurant, right down the way from the hotel, for dinner.

8:00-Go to Escopazzo for dancing and drinks, enjoy the last night in Italy!

11:00 pm- Go back to the hotel, and get to bed for the evening.

9Friday9:00 am-Wake up and eat breakfast, then get ready to leave for some sight seeing.

10:30- Head over to see the Spanish Steps

12:30- Go to San Crispino, a shop known for having the best Gelato in Italy!

1:00-Go see Castel Sant Angelo

3:00-Tour the Circus Maximus

5:00- Go back to the hotel to get ready for the last night out in Rome.

6:30-Go to dinner at Taverna Angelica again.

8:00- Head back to the hotel to pack and get a good nights sleep before an early flight tomorrow.

10Saturday5:00 am- Wake up early and check out of the hotel, then head to the airport.

6:15- Flight takes off to get back to the States.

11:06 pm- Flight arrives in Newark, NJ.11Vacation ExpensesHotelAirfareRental Cars MealsAttractionsTotal$1,363.95 $557.80 $0.00 $400.00 $300.00 $2,621.75 12CreditsImages:The Coliseum. Daily Venture.com. 21 April 2009< http://www.dailyventure.com/journal.php?day=Coliseum.>

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