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<ul><li> 1. M. K. BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITYNAME BALDANIYA VANITAROLL NO:30CLASS: M. A. SEMESTER :1PAPER:3(LITERARY THEORY&amp; CRITICISM)TOPIC : DRAMATIC POESY :DRYDEN(FRENCH V/S ENGLISH)GUIDANCE: D .P. BARAD.DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH</li></ul> <p> 2. John Dryden 3. The French are superior to the English for various reason:French narration of the two kind1)dull and boring and is often not listened to by theaudience.2) beautiful and artistic.Englishtragic comedy two play1)instead of remaining one play2)two action are carried on together, to the great confusion andbewilderment of the spectator. 4. F: observance of the unity of place, they are equally scrupulous.E: Attention is constantly diverted from one action or the other, soeither action produces its good effect.F: In none of them the action mover out of the limit of the sametown.E: double action give rise to another fault, many of characters remainunknown to each other till the end. 5. F: unity of action is eve more conspicuous.Their plays are never over burdened withsub-plots as is the case with the English plays.E:Concludes lisideius, no drama in the world is so absurdas the English tragic comedy.F: Modifies their stories by mixing truth with fiction,vets take from history.E: Dramatists, even the great Shakespeare do modify andtransform their stories for dramatic purpose. 6. F: Shakespeares history plays are chronicle plays, and notdramas proper.E: Own invention, show vice punished and virtue rewarded,which might not have been the case with the original story.F:Business of forty years is represented within the shortspace of two and a half hours.E:Delight and instruct, at one and the same time. 7. F: Do not burden the English plays with too much plot.E: Is not an imitation of nature but drawing of it inminiature.F:Represent only that part of a story which will constitute onecomplete action and everything is carefully excluded.E:Dramatist is a distortion of nature, and not a just and truerepresentation of her.F:Better written than the English ones.E:The French plays have it, but not the English. 8. F: Devote considerable attention to one single character,other are merely.Lisideius dose not agree with this view.E: One character is more important, other are quitenaturally.F: play- The Scornful LadyE: play- Entrances and ExitsF: The selves strictly to one action ,Free to devote more attention to their diction andverse.F: No logical and natural connection with the main action,not remain one play but many play in one.</p>


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