dr. erik nuveen: look younger with juvederm

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2. Are fine lines and wrinklesbeginningto appear on your face? 3. Especially in the area aroundyour mouth and nose? 4. If youve noticed new facialfolds or wrinkles but are notyet ready for a surgicalsolution 5. I guess,its time you considerJuvederm injections in Oklahoma City. 6. WHAT IS JUVEDERM?Juvederm is a gel treatment that works totemporarily correct deep wrinkles on yourface. 7. HOW?By replacing lost hyaluronic acidbeneath the surface of the skin. 8. HYALURONIC ACIDIt keeps your skin hydrated andlooking supple and vibrant. 9. HYALURONIC ACIDIt is already naturally found within your skin.Because of this, many patients respond wellto Juvederm therapy. 10. Well, you know that as weage, this acid breaks downand causes your skin towrinkle and dry. And youdont want that, right? 11. That is why, Juvederm ishere to restore themoisture and shape ofyour skin. 12. JUVEDERM TREATMENT BENEFITSIt can last from 6 to 12 months.The results vary per patient. 13. IN THIS SPAN OF TIMEYour body will naturally break downthe Juvederm solution. 14. WHAT TO DO?As this happens, you may wish to return toyour doctors practice to maintain the result.