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DPSS Lasers Inc. Www.ILPhotonics.comWww.ILPhotonics.com on DPSS Lasers Inc. 2011 Presentation UV Lasers & Applications Slide 2 DPSS Lasers Inc. Santa Clara, CA DPSS Shanghai (Pudong) Slide 3 DPSS Lasers Inc - History Since 1972, DPSS and our former company LiCONiX have been building UV laser systems. As LiCONiX, we delivered over 25,000 Blue and UV HeCd gas lasers. Sold LiCONiXs gas laser group to Melles Griot in 1998. Spun-off the engineering and solid state laser group to form DPSS Lasers Inc. Many current DPSS employees were managers or senior employees of LiCONiX. Same Board of Directors as the former LiCONiX, with the addition of Alex Laymon. Slide 4 Why DPSS Lasers Inc We specialize in the manufacturing of DPSS UV lasers. This is our only product. We are the worlds largest supplier of DPSS UV lasers in StereoLithography. Because of our volume and efficient design, we are the low-cost leader for UV systems around the world. Slide 5 Why DPSS Lasers Inc Patents - We hold patents on DPSS IntraCavity UV lasers in US, Japan, UK and Germany (US PAT# 6,002,695) Over 1600 DPSS UV lasers have shipped and are in use in 23 countries. Developed first DPSS IntraCavity UV laser in 1992. Shipped first DPSS UV laser in 1998. Slide 6 Why DPSS Lasers Inc We ship 5 to 15 DPSS UV lasers per week. We keep 30+ UV lasers in stock at all times. Most orders for new or service lasers ship same day. Slide 7 Why DPSS Lasers Inc Over the years, many top-tier, Global companies have relied on DPSS Lasers Inc. to process their materials. Abbott Labs 3M Medtronic Boeing Sony US Army Baxter Delphi Ford GM 3D Systems Gentex Honeywell Intel Apple Lockheed Molex PPG Roush Siemens IBM Texas Instruments Slide 8 Customer Application Does it Need a Laser? Need to Get Rid of Labels, Ink, Glue Lack of Durability Cannot Clean Contamination Reasons Short term Consumable Pricing per piece is too high Precision Need Fine Features or High DPI Permanent Security. No Changing. Need for an Eco-Friendly Process Slide 9 Laser Application IR versus UV Lasers IR Lasers These lasers mark by heat and thermal changes of materials. CO2 wavelength 10,600 nm. Least expensive. All marks done by heat with material damage. (Paint Sprayer) Solid State wavelength 1064 nm. Moderate costs, with good life. Marks done with heat with 10X smaller spot than CO2. (Paint Roller) Fiber Lasers wavelengths 800-1000 nm. Moderate costs, with long life. All marks still with heat, and slightly smaller spot sizes. UV Laser Lasers mark by Photo-chemical changes and/or photo-ablation of materials. Wavelength of 355 nm. Slightly higher cost with good life. (Painting with fine tip brush) The advantages of UV lasers are minimal heat effected zones and smaller feature sizes. (30X smaller spot than CO2) UV lasers are often referred to as Cold Lasers. Slide 10 Why UV versus IR Lasers Applications that were previously inaccessible to laser technology are also opening up with the aid of UV DPSS lasers. IR marks on many plastics are controlled melts with variable contrast. UV marks are usually high contrast, with minimum or no damage due to the photochemical effect of the UV photon on the material in process. Lower Power levels needed - A 10 um dia, 1 Watt UV beam has same power density as a 100 um dia, 100 Watt CO2 Laser Slide 11 Why UV versus IR UV Mark on left, IR mark on right. Notice clean sharp IR mark is uneven edge of UV Mark and melted Slide 12 Will UV benefit my application? DPSS Lasers Inc has a free applications lab in Santa Clara CA. The customer can either send their samples or visit in person to evaluate the UV difference. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an actual UV-processed sample is worth a thousand pictures. DPSS Lasers encourages the customer to send your samples and your NDA. Slide 13 3500 Series UV 355 nm Laser System Slide 14 Samurai UV Marker First laser marking system specifically designed for UV lasers. Takes advantage of the short UV wavelength to provide a small spot size and a large depth of focus. Takes advantage of the cold marking process not requiring high average powers and allowing damage free marking on many materials. Slide 15 Samurai UV Marker Features Cold UV Marking Very easy To Use Software Fast Scanning Speeds Proven Scanning Technology Integrated UV Laser Marking Solution < 700 Watt Single Phase Utility Required Field Proven Model 3500 Series 355 nm Laser Materials Can Be Marked, Engraved, Scribed, Cut Or Drilled. Slide 16 Samurai UV marker Slide 17 Samurai Top Slide 18 Custom Samurai Top Plate Slide 19 Samurai Special Out Front Beam Slide 20 Wire Marking System Integrator/OEM Slide 21 Slide 22 UK Integrator Slide 23 Opto-Systems Japan Sapphire Scribing Blue LED Slide 24 Shanghai Union RP OEM China Slide 25 UV Laser Success Stories Medical Device Company 1 - Heart Implant Skiving insulation from 200 um wire for lead attachment. Medical Device Company 2 - Multiple systems Marking plastic devices Conventional printing and labels do not hold up to continuous cleaning. Energy Company Fuel/Energy Cell production Drill tens of thousands of holes in thin membrane. 181 Engineering Contract Development in Silicon Valley. Remove Teflon coating from tips of neurological probes. NanoDynamics Material Studies Ablate materials in vacuum chamber for research. Slide 26 UV Laser Success Stories Company A - Major glass and film manufacturing Samurai base mounted over production line for making film on the fly. Gentex- Automotive application Remove thin-film metallic coatings from backside of rearview mirrors. Medical Device Company 3 - Biomedical Implant Samurai to remove epoxy coating from contact leads of sub-millimeter device. No damage to device. Wire marking for Commercial and Military Aircraft. In spring of 2006, FAA mandated that all wires in M&C aircraft must be marked with UV laser or each mark must be tested and certified post process. Permanent mark and no damage. Worldwide Laser - Major cosmetic company switching over from CO2 to UV due to better and faster marking of many plastics. Slide 27 Why UV versus IR For more information on DPSS UV lasers and laser marking applications, please visit our website at http://www.dpss-lasers.com/Samurai.html Slide 28 Intra Cavity Layout Slide 29 Slide 30 Marking Distance Waist Size (FWHM) Depth of Focus 10 % Mark Field Diameter [mm][m][mm] 606.60.2410.7 808.60.4116.2 10010.70.6623 12012.70.8929 15015.81.3841 200212.462 250263.786 300315.3113 400419.3174 5005114.4240 Slide 31 General Laser Safety Eye Safety UV Beam Cannot see, unless it hits something!! Wear Eye Protection Yes Extra Care when wearing eye protection Skin Protection Not needed. Electrical Safety This is biggest risk. Solid State Lasers Low voltage, high current. Less risky, but still up to 700 Watts. Fire Risk Solid State Laser output can ignite paper and plastic materials Be Careful. Slide 32 3500 Series Power vs Rep Rate Chart (Discussion for Integrators and Users) Slide 33 APPLICATIONS All of the following materials have all been processed with DPSS 355 nm laser systems. Pictures: Slide 34 Stainless Steel Tube 1 inch Dia. Slide 35 Medical - Stainless Steel Rods Slide 36 Stainless and Drill Bit Slide 37 Brass Tube 1 inch Dia. Slide 38 Gold Character height 0.3 mm Slide 39 Look between LI of LIBERTY Slide 40 Black Plastic (Acetal) Piece 1 inch wide Slide 41 PCB Blue 0.75 inch tall piece Slide 42 Silicone Tubing Slide 43 Coating Removal Lines 25 micron wide Slide 44 Medical Tubing Slide 45 Wire/Cable Marking Slide 46 Black Tubing Slide 47 Slide 48 Small Electronic Components Slide 49 Sapphire Scribing for LED 6 micron Lines Slide 50 Plastics Slide 51 White Plastic Barcode height 3 mm Slide 52 HDPE Bottle Slide 53 Electronic Housings Upper set is paint. Lower set was DPSS 355 nm laser. Slide 54 Hands-Free Device Slide 55 White & Black Plastics Slide 56 Slide 57 White Plastic Slide 58 Slide 59 Slide 60 Slide 61


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