Download - Teaching with Vine

Transcript Teaching with Eye Phone by Je Meyer, Flickr The main goal in life career wise should always be to try to get paid to simply be yourself. - Kevin Smith make-10000-six-seconds Comment #hashtag 6 second videos IOS / Android Unlimited uploads Loop Geotag Age: 13+ Embed Set-up a Prole Includestudentwork You can protect the account so that only parents & students see it! Viewonthebrowser, RevineorEmbedTheirWork RuleofThirds Bandura Vygotsky Hashtag=> ability to create viral action & collect work What can you learn/teach in 6 seconds? Introduce them to the topic as one of the characters Voiceovers Budding Photographer by Dinuraj K, Flickr Tell students to nd examples of ? & upload to your Vine account or if they are 13+ to upload to their accounts Make into a Gif with Create gifs for class to blog about Blog Girl, aTer Norman Rockwell (detail) by Mike Licht,, Flickr Animated gif HowtoVideo Weeklyreectionofwhattheylearned Critique,Opinion,Review DenitionorFactoftheDay PublicServiceAnnoucementVideo Observethingsduringaeldtrip resources/webinars

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