download web videos with freemake video converter (free)

Download Download web videos with Freemake Video Converter (free)

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I discovered this Freemake video converter by accident and it is amazing. You can download any video in a number of different formats. Thank you Freemake!


  • 1.Converts to many formats

2. Has received many recognitions 3. Go to Click here 4. Follow the prompts 5. Click here 6. Click here 7. When you want to download you have options My choice 8. First open the video, then open Freemake. Click on Paste and it instantly captures the URL and makes a start! 9. Look for it in its folder 10. The result! Perfect! 11. Option: download the video as an MP3 with perfect results! 12. The first time you open the Freemake Video Converter on your computer you will be given this option to install 13. This is what youll see 14. Converts to many options 15. Click on install 16. Choose full installation 17. A great application! Thank you


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