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<ul><li><p>8/14/2019 Down Under Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Aids</p><p> 1/2</p><p>BRITISH COLUMBIA</p><p>ARTSCOUNCIL</p><p>EXHIBITION</p><p>August 14-Sept. 5, 2009RECEPTION WITH ARTISTS</p><p>August 15, 4-6pm</p><p>N I C O L A V A L L E Y C O M M U N I T Y A R T S C O U N C I L</p><p>Paintings by</p><p>Gwayne PointPhotos by</p><p>Chris Neels</p><p>1840 Nicola Ave.</p><p>(250)378-6515</p><p>Supported by</p><p>A Batch of Oscar Wilde's Wit</p><p> A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal. A poet can survive everything but a misprint. A true friend stabs you in the front.</p><p> A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it. All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his.</p><p> Always forgive your enemies nothing annoys them so much.</p><p>Please recycle</p><p>S E R V I N G I T U P F R E S H 3 T I M E S A W E E K !</p><p>MONDAY EDITION AUGUST 10, 2009 #1906Our beat is local... our bend, up! The classifieds are free! Box 313, Merritt BC V1K 1B8</p><p>T(250)378-5717 F(250)378-4700</p><p>2001 Voght St. (250)378-5900</p><p>BROOKMERE VINTAGE GALLERY</p><p>Custom framingOriginal artwork&amp; prints at</p><p>Brookmere firePublic is urged to avoid travelling inremote back-country areas</p><p>Yesterday, firefighters managed tohold the Brook Creek fire at an estimated2800 hectares, after it grew from 2100hectares on Saturday. Priorities continueto be Brookmere to the northeast, theCoquihalla to the west, recent fire spreadareas to the east &amp; containment. Coolertemps and higher humidities providedfirefighters with a bit of a break, howevertodays forecast calls for a cold front alongwith wind gusts of up to 50km/hour.</p><p>The number of firefighters battlingthe blaze is now at 162 with crews fromBC, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta andManitoba, with an additional 57 sup-port personnel. There are 9 helicopters&amp; 29 pieces of heavy equipment. Thefire is considered 30% contained, and0% controlled.</p><p>CommunityAdolph family fundraiser</p><p> Mother &amp; Daughter Fashion Show &amp;fundraising events. This is a event forthe whole family. There will be a kidscorner, concession, cake walk, 50/50,raffles, door prizes &amp; guest speakers,including Dr. McLeod. Thurs. Aug. 13,2009 Lower Nicola Indian Band Hall,show starts at 7pm.Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day</p><p>Thurs., Aug. 13 the forecast calls formajor blizzard activity in Merritt the7th annual DQ Miracle Treat Day to bene-fit Children's Miracle Network. TheMerritt Dairy Queen, 3673 DeWolf Way,will donate proceeds from everyBlizzard sold to BC Children's Hospital.BC Ambassador Program</p><p>The BC Ambassador Program corona-tion event will be held at the Merritt CivicCentre August 14-16. Candidates are fromas far away as Revelstoke, Cowichan Lake,White Rock, Williams Lake and every-where in between. Tickets at the door.4th Annual Trevor GrahamMemorial Fundraiser</p><p>Saturday August 15, memorial ride1pm from empty lot beside Grand.Steak dinner 5-9pm Grand Pub &amp; Grill,</p><p>dinner tickets $15. FMI Tammy 378-6206. Moneys goes towards a bursary toa graduating MSS student entering theforestry or trades profession. They willalso be accepting toy donations forMerritt Toy Run, there will be a silentauction, great music &amp; fun times!</p><p>WERE LOOKING FOR</p><p>25 TO 30 BUSINESSESCrafters, web designers and builders and</p><p>more to bridge the gap between</p><p>home-based business and retail storefront</p><p>Storefront start-up opportunity</p><p>If you produce or manufacture a product or</p><p>have a service that you are interested in</p><p>expanding to a storefront location we can</p><p>assist you. Cost share space available from</p><p>100 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft. (all inclusive),</p><p>business license included.</p><p>DONT HESITATE TO CALL</p><p>Deanne Parise Economic Development Officer</p><p>Mae Ketter: Economic Development AssistantCFDC Economic Development Office</p><p>250-378-3923</p><p>2099 Quilchena Ave.</p><p>Celebration of LifeDinner &amp; Show in Memory of ElvisSponsored by the Merritt Desert Inn &amp; hosted by</p><p>the Merritt BC "Elvis Presley" Fan Club</p><p>Saturday, August 22nd~ with Elvis tribute artist ~</p><p>JEFF BODNER &amp; APPALOOSAHelp the cause &amp; enjoy the evening!</p><p>Tickets: Merritt Desert Inn250-378-2254 ~More info,contact E.P. Fan Club Pres.</p><p>Dolly Jackson 250-378-4710</p><p>Everyone Welcome!</p><p>Fundraiser for the"Patients'</p><p>TransportationProgram" Nicola</p><p>Valley Health Centre</p><p>Ticketsavailable at theMerritt Desert</p><p>Inn</p><p></p><p>classified deadlines:</p><p>10am Sun. Tues. thurs.</p><p>garage sale deadline: Thurs. 12pm</p><p>to get on the current garage sale</p><p>email list: email us</p><p>Let us know what your think of our new website!</p><p>Tel 378-5717 Fax 378-4700 Email</p><p>Hwy 5A, 20km N. of Merritt</p><p>QUILCHENA STOREOPEN 7 DAYS 378-2753</p><p>A new orderof turquoise&amp; silver</p><p>bracelets &amp; pendantshas arrived!</p><p>OPENSUN THURS</p><p>8AM TO 6:30PM</p><p>FRI &amp; SAT</p><p>8AM-8PM</p><p>TRUCKLOAD SALE</p><p>COMPOSTWednesdays &amp; Saturdays</p><p>10am - 12noonAirport Rd. at the yellow gate</p><p>YOUR LAWN &amp; GARDEN WILL LOVE IT</p><p>Slowly Releases Fertilizing</p><p>Nutrients Into The Soil</p><p>Increases Water Retention</p><p>Weed Free Bark Mulch</p><p>Locally Produced</p><p>Finely screened compost for fill</p><p>250-315-4932</p><p>Also available at</p><p>HOME HARDWARE(bucket full or truck full)</p><p>Railyard Mall 378-2266</p><p>Your</p><p>With More</p><p>AriesMarch 21- April 19</p><p>Friends remind you of yourgoals &amp; help you make themactually happen. You are givena fresh boost to your hopes ifyou simply listen to what theyhave to say.</p><p>CancerJune 21 -July 22</p><p>Many sources of inspiration areopen to you if you tune into theflow of energy around you.Getting more involved with oth-ers helps you engage with pos-itive forward thinking.</p><p>LibraSept 23 -</p><p>Oct 22Your creative juices flow allow them to be expressed asyou seek the outlets for yourperception and description. Bigbold ventures have a chance toget off the ground now.</p><p>CapricornDec 22 -Jan 19</p><p>You are able to supply servic-es or goods that are in deman-dand cash in on your talents,</p><p>skills and abilities. They aremuch needed by some whocross your path.</p><p>VirgoAug 23 -Sept 22</p><p>Doing your part for the com-munity will be uplifting as youdiscover the joys of workingon shared aims that take youout of your narrow range ofpreoccupations.</p><p>SagittariusNov 22 -Dec 21</p><p>There are exciting &amp; provoca-tive people on the local scenewho can make you look again</p><p>at your assumptions and waysof thinking and acting. Theinternet is a rich source of info.</p><p>PiscesFeb 19 -Mar 20</p><p>You have informed perceptionsabout life &amp; people, which youshould express. Few have your</p><p>grasp of the underlying princi-ples at work in everydayencounters.</p><p>GeminiMay 21 -June 20</p><p>Your view of your values &amp;beliefs is boosted by tuning intoinspiring sources of upliftment,be they music, philosophy orsimply encounters with artisticproductions.</p><p>TaurusApril 20 -May 20</p><p>You can make an impact withwhat you do, especially if youstay true to your vision, andthen don't worry about whatothers may think</p><p>LeoJuly 23 -Aug 22</p><p>You can learn from others &amp;how they handled situations likeyou are now encountering. Youcan gain understanding fromwhat people tell you when youare close to them.</p><p>ScorpioOct. 23 -Nov 21</p><p>Getting in touch with your rootsand values give you a boost asyou seek to build on what youhave achieved. You can cashin your assets if you want to.</p><p>AquariusJan 20 -Feb 18</p><p>Finding outlets for your talents&amp; interests is easier when yourelax and let your thoughts, per-</p><p>ceptions and abilities speak forthemselves.</p><p>his Weeks HoroscopeT</p><p>SPACE FOR YOUR AD</p><p>Tel 378-5717 fax 378-4700</p><p></p><p>Down UnderShampoo, Conditioner or</p><p>Styling Aids</p><p>$299Blacks Pharmacy2037 Quilchena Ave. 378-2155</p><p>with store coupon</p><p>Nico (Nick) BartEisinga</p><p>April 13, 1949 - July 19, 2009It is with great sadness that we</p><p>announce the passing of our husband,father, grandfather and brother, NickEisinga, on July 19, 2009 after a short stayin hospital. He will be lovingly remem-</p><p>bered by his wife June, daughters Tammy(Bob) Hale of Lillooet; Jeanette (Mike)Matthias of Merritt; son Ian (Debra)Eisinga of Merritt. He will be missed also</p><p>by his brothers Rieks Polmans and Jack(Mavis) Polmans both of Merritt.Grandchildren: Derrick Matthias, BradMatthias, Bobby Hale, Alex Hale, JeremyEisinga and Tyler Eisinga. StepGrandchildren Natasha Matthias, Sheri-Ann Matthias; 4 Great Grandchildren,along with family in Holland. Missinghim also are June's brothers and sistersand numerous nieces and nephews. Nickwas predeceased by his father, Jan (1997)and mother Louwina (2008) and his</p><p>brother Cor Polmans (2003).Nick was born in Holland and</p><p>came to Canada in 1952, first living inCoaldale, Alberta before moving toMerritt that same year. Nick moved to100 Mile House to work and there hemet June. They lived in several townsin the Cariboo before moving back toMerritt to raise their family.</p><p>A Celebration of Life will be heldSat., August 15, 2009, at Trinity UnitedChurch, 1899 Quilchena Ave., at 2pm.</p><p>In lieu of flowers donations may bemade in Nick's memory to theArthritis Society of BC, #200-1645,West 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1S4.</p><p> OFFICE 378-2821 PUB 378-5711RESTAURANT 378-4543 BEER/WINE 378-8859</p><p>AUG. 13, 14 &amp; 15 Texas HoldemWed., 7pm</p><p>We do STEAK</p><p>FUNDRAISERS</p><p>call the office</p><p>August 9 UN Intl Day of</p><p>Indigenous PeopleThe worlds indigenous peoples -370 million in 70 countries -- are the cus-todians of some of the most diverseareas on earth. Their traditional knowl-edge, cultural diversity and sustainableways of life make an invaluable contri-</p><p>bution to the worlds common heritage.</p></li><li><p>8/14/2019 Down Under Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Aids</p><p> 2/2</p><p>3-BDRMhse, f/s, 2-storey, Bnch 378-8102MBLhome, 1970, 14w, 10x20 add.,2 bdrms, lots renos, by river in Merr.$220/mo. pad rnt $25,000 315-70691/2dplx, nr CMS 3-bdrm, 1.5 bth, lng-trm rntr wnts to stay $142,500 378-211110 VIEW acres, cln/cmftbl 2-bdrmhome, set up for horses, gd wtr, bigdck, airtight stove $349,000 378-8768</p><p>MBL home sale/rnt opt to buy, all set up,lrg lot in prk #54, ready to move in 20x45oac incl. f/s/w/d, csa apprd, lrg shd, call315-1000, 1-800-361-8111, pager 378-3082, www.buyandsellmobile</p><p>B.C. HOUSING now acceptingapplications for wait list for seniors55+ or adults w/ disability needingaffordable housing. Rnt is 30% ofincome. 1-800-834-7149, 378-4040NICOLAAPTS. Bach, 1, 2 bdrms,nwly renod, nr bus stop, move-inbonus (250)378-9880RMSColdwtr Htl, $375+/mo 378-28213-BDRM twnhse, dwntwn, n/p Aug15 $600 378-65321-BDRMste, n/p, n/s Sage St. 378-56952-BDRM bsmt ste nr Cntrl Schl,Sept 1 315-23664-BDRM renod, 2 bdrms up/2dwn, f/s/w/d, alley access, hugegncd lot, Quilchena Ave., refs, n/s,pets neg. $1000 Sept 1 378-6312NW cln, quiet lrg 2-bdrm bsmt steevrythng incl. $1075 378-13602-BDRMhse, dwntwn, lrg fncd bck yrd,gar., n/p, n/s $800+dep., Sept 1 378-0842</p><p>3-BDRM rnchr, open flr pln, exc loc.,priv. prk-lk dbl lot, Sept. 1 $950 378-81563-BDRM uppr flr, Aug 1 378-4503</p><p>AVAIL. now: rms for rnt furn'd/unfurn'd $400/$450 incl. cbl/lndry/util.,priv. entr., suit. for stdnt/wrkng prsn, onbus route, no drnkng/drugs 378-5128.BDRM in lrg 3-bdrm trlr, n/s, n/drnkng,must lk cats, priv. bth 525-01352-BDRM bsmt ste, Aug 1 378-62681-BDRM uppr ste, quiet $525 378-478970X14 trlr on river, 2-bdrm, gd view glf</p><p>course, Eldorado TP, seniors/ wrkng cplprfrd, refs reqd, 1 pet ok $775 378-4007$400 for shared accomm. in 2-bdrm hse,must be wrkng, rnt neg. (250)574-16163-BDRMbsmt, 1.5 bth, Aug 1 378-62682-BDRM &amp; 1-bdrm bsmt stes. 3-bdrm hse, 2 bths, cln. 378-4392WTD: someone to lease lrg 2-bdrml-lvl dplx, f/s/w/d, cln/quiet, refs,prfr adlts. Sept 1 378-83831-BDRM apt 378-9263, 378-77462-BDRM apt, 2151 Quilchena, Aug1, $800 378-7185, 378-15103-BDRM on uppr flr. nr dwntwnn/s, n/p, refs req'd. Jul 31 378-9560NW 3-bdrm mbl, priv. lot, 8km fromMerritt, some caretaking req'd, mat.cple pref'd. $850. Bob 315-83753-BDRM 2-bth w/ lrg dck mbl home,dwntwn on lrg comm. lot, priv., for semi-retd cpl. $900 w/ sml obligation, gd refs1-800-361-8111, fax (604)985-2508ROOMquiet/cln suit for stdnt 378-88071-BDRM bsmt ste, quiet tenants, cat ok,n/s, $575 cbl/util incl Aug 1 378-4571HILL, 2-bdrm hlf dplx, fncd, hrdwd flr, f/s/w/d, refs reqd, n/p, 378-1367, 315-5452BEAUT. nw 2-bdrm + den showhome. inside &amp; outside f/p, furn/unfurn, immed. $1475 (604) 644-28072-BDRM n/s n/p refs $690 378-9432</p><p>for rent</p><p>1551 WALNUT Ave. Collettville, dailyAug 8-23, 9am-3pm, Moving, nw stuffas I pack. 378-5602</p><p>LOST: digital camera @ Quilchena Sq.or Quilchena Ave., rwrd. Yvette 315-6151LOST: set keys, dwntwn Matt 378-8231LOST Aug 2 nr Sunnyview: wht/grey</p><p>shrt-haired young male cat w/ rd collar.Liana 378-7303LOST: last seen Jul 25, lng-hairedbeige-col. cat w/ drkr mrkngs, Forskdale/Xtra Foods area, timid 378-9503LOST: gld/diamnd rng (250)320-9937LOST: blue parakeet, Sugar MenziesSt., Aug 2 afternoon 315-0315FND: gldn cocker spaniel, 2 yrs old,male, Chapman/Nicola, blue collar 378-6552, 378-1527 to IDLOST: pr prescr. sunglasses, in/nr pool?,wide sides, darkest lenses 315-1332FND: red bike, No Fear kick stnd 378-0842LOST: July 26, Rotary Pk? blk flip cellphone 378-9595FND on Coldwater Ave: cell phone,378-9841 to IDREIKI healing energy therapy can pro-vide relaxation, energy, pain decrease &amp;health promotion. For appt call Lin at378-4435, cert'd practitionerDAD &amp; YOUNG sons looking for yrdcln-up, odd jobs, run errnds etc, havetrck for dmp trips, moving, recyclingetc. Barney 378-6740 leave msg.LST: ring, sent. value, Clapprtn Ave.,rwrd 378-5506, (250)320-9927</p><p>LST: Luminex camera, Walmart 378-5379</p><p>WTD: rel. slf-motivated carpenter &amp;handyman for repair &amp; set-up formanufd homes. Pls fax resume &amp; refs(604)985-2508BAR STEWARD needed ASAP.Would suit mat. indiv. Pls bring resume toRoyal Canadian Legion, 1940 QuilchenaAven. Atten: M Dixon, President</p><p>RESUMES written $29.99 Website styleresume $59.99 Pay online at SouthernInterior Resumes website w/ Paypalcheckout. Major credit cards &amp; Paypalaccepted., 378-3694YOUR GARDEN photographed &amp;painted in oils 378-6789PAINTER 35+ yrs exper., inter./exter.Bob McBee 378-2164STENCILS for rnt: African wildlifestencils 378-3537TILE &amp; stone install. Dan 315-4762, 280-1804ODD JOBBER Honest, sincere gent.Gen. cntrctr, maint./repair/build home/car/yrd. emergency, versatile, anythng/anytime 315-1039, 315-5398TREE toppng, pruning, removal, lnd-scpng 378-2067BRICKLAYER/stone mason. Walls, patios,all brck/tone wrk, complete Joe 378-9421DRYWALL, textured ceiling, painting.Call Jeff (250)378-3709, (250)315-2066RENT A HUSBAND Fences, lawn care,rubbish removal, hsehold moving, rototilling,wndw &amp; gutter cleaning, chimney sweeping,int/ext. painting. Lance (250)378-4614</p><p>13-YR OLD will babysit eves., wknds,LN area. 378-2221WTD: babysitter 315-1435WTD: daycare for 5yr old my hse oryours must have own transp 378-0052</p><p>GE elect. stove, slf-cln ovn, prfct cnd,pd $800 378-2909HVY duty Kenmore w&amp;d, exc wrkngcnd $300obo 378-8231MAYTAG 10000btu a/c w/ rem. 378-9859PORTABLE BBQ $5 378-919220CF dp freeze, oldr $30 315-0213DANBY fridge, exc cnd 27x64 $175378-6758</p><p>ROPER lrg cap. wshr $125. Moffattelect. dryer $70. 378-133615CF Woods dp frz $125. 378-5745FRIDGE, Whirlpool, stl. stl 378-4704DRYER, K...</p></li></ul>


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