Do's and don'ts after auto accident

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<ol><li> 1. 2,217,000 injuries caused by accidents in 2009.DosInjuriesVehicleOccupantsNon - OccupantsMotorcyclists1. Check For Any </li><li> 2. 2009 Car AccidentsFatalInjuryProperty Damage Only2. Call 999 Even For Minor </li><li> 3. Talk ToWitnessesTakePicturesWriteDownDriverInformation3. Collect </li><li> 4. Say Nothingto Other PartyBefore PoliceArriveTake ZeroResponsibilityWait 8 Weeksafter painsubsides tosettle medicalclaimsDonts 1. Admit Fault or </li><li> 5. Even For Seemingly minoror nonexistent injuries #1injury type is Neck and Back.1.99 Million Whiplashinjuries per year.1-2 days typical symptomonset delay.2. Skip Medical </li><li> 6. SteeringAndBrakingGasMileageTraffic TicketsWindshieldcracksLights and turnsignalsHood or trunkclosureReaction in caseof anotheraccident8mm offset inframe can affectvehicle responsein an accident.3. Minor Damage Can Majorly Affect </li><li> 7. Contact UsTop Gear DrivingTuition Limited,38 Queen Street,Glasgow,G1 3DXCall Us On : 07776 272</li></ol>