Don't Start an Energy Saving Business Until You Have Read This

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  • 8/7/2019 Don't Start an Energy Saving Business Until You Have Read This


    Dont START an Energy Saving Businessuntil you have read this FREE e-book

  • 8/7/2019 Don't Start an Energy Saving Business Until You Have Read This


    Dont START an Energy Saving Business

    until you have read this FREE e-book

    This e-book has been prepared by; Ian Wrigley FRSA, who has almost thirty years experience within the

    energy saving business and is currently Managing Director o Enigin PLC. It is written or the benet o

    individuals and organisations who are considering the easibility o starting their own energy saving

    business, or re-directing the ocus o an existing business in order to capitalise on the potential within

    this new emerging market.

    This document takes an objective look at the options open, and weighs up the risk/benet ratio o each

    route. It also has a useul checklist - which the reader can use to help determine i indeed you are right

    or the opportunity and equally the opportunity is right or YOU!

    What does it NOT do? It does not provide inormation on the oering made by Enigin PLC or a new

    start-up business as an Independent Licensee or energy saving products, nor does it highlight the

    nancial rewards o entering this marketplace at this time as this inormation is covered elsewhere in

    the companys Prospectus and Comprehensive Business Appraisal documents which are both available

    now rom www.enigin.netextranet web-site.

    Table of Contents:

    Introduction 3

    Is there long-term potential? 4

    Getting Into Business 5

    The Critical Success Factors 7

    The Entrepreneurs Mind-Set 8

    About The Author Some Relevant Background 16

    Your Final Options In a Nutshell 18


  • 8/7/2019 Don't Start an Energy Saving Business Until You Have Read This



    Starting a new business can be a highly rewarding endeavour and almost everyone who embarks on

    such a venture has high hopes o enjoying nancial success, and the liestyle that goes with that why

    though do so many business ventures end in disappointment and rustration? One o the main purposes

    o this document is to give the reader an all-important reality check and try to dispel any romantic,

    unrealistic notion that might exist in the mind o any wannabee entrepreneur, namely; that starting a

    business is easy and that only a minimum o eort is required to become nancially independent.

    I would like to ocus on the dierence that really makes a dierence

    In other words what are the PITFALLS that MUST be avoided?

    I have written this e-book or the benet o individuals who, like you, are looking to start their own

    energy saving business, regardless o the products or supplier with whom you ultimately choose to be

    associated with. It may also prove to be a valuable resource or an established organisation looking to

    diversiy into this rapidly burgeoning industry. Even those already in the energy saving business will nd

    the inormation useul.

    There are many acets to the energy saving business, thereby creating many diverse business

    opportunities. This document however is ocussing on the distribution o energy saving solutions and

    products to the end user, so the business reerred to is that o purchasing products rom a

    manuacturer or wholesaler and reselling them to the customer in response to their needs.

    I am certainly not intending to give comprehensive details o all the present oerings in the

    marketplace as these are constantly changing; rather, the objective is to provide insight into what are

    the most important aspects one needs to consider beore embarking on this new endeavour; actors that

    are both constant and universal. In a nutshell what are the critical success actors or starting a new

    business, especially an energy saving business?

    Hopeully you already appreciate that an important key to success in business is to build meaningul

    client relationships. In its purest orm winning new customers is a process o establishing the needs o

    the client and providing the solution that not only satises their needs but exceeds expectation, so the

    customer will be ready and willing to keep buying rom you again and again and at the same time

    recommend others to do the same. So By helping people solve their problems you in eect can

    continue to Prot With Integrity long into the uture.


  • 8/7/2019 Don't Start an Energy Saving Business Until You Have Read This


    Is There Really Long-term Potential?

    This is a very important question to be able answer. There is an undoubtedly huge potential prot

    available within this business. At the moment it is hard to imagine any other business opportunity

    with as much untapped potential. Just consider some o the ollowing statements rom leading


    The UK Trade & Industry Secretary, having held detailed discussions on climate change with his

    political counterparts across the globe has described it as:

    The greatest business opportunity o our age

    Tim Bond, the Head o a leading Investment Bank, Barclays Capital, released a report predicting

    that Climate change will boost the global economy and dominate nancial markets over the next25 years. He added:

    I ever the time were ripe or such an energy revolution, it is now

    And Bill Gross, a man who proved his ability to spot uture prot potential in global markets

    has stated:

    Reinventing energy is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity. It dwars any business opportunity

    in history.

    One o the signs o a truly great business opportunity is that it lls a need that everybody has.

    The ollowing statements reveal that energy saving is a must or companies large and small:

    Anywhere companies have pursued energy efciency, they have ended up making money, even i

    money wasnt their initial goal

    David Goldstein, The End o Oil page 225

    Reducing the amount o the energy you use is one o the astest, most eective ways to save your

    business money.

    Carbon Trust, UK

    Climate solutions are not costly but proftable, because saving (energy) costs less than

    buying (energy).

    Amory B. Lovins, CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute

    To survive, companies o every size must be aggressive in the conservation o energy.

    Charles Brown, Senior VP o Kodak

    You can be certain o one thing because o the current economic climate, increasing pressure

    rom governments and growing awareness rom the media; The Energy Saving Business is here to

    stay! It is set to be high on the international agenda or many years to come.


  • 8/7/2019 Don't Start an Energy Saving Business Until You Have Read This


    Getting Into Business

    Business is complex and diverse and there is an endless plethora o choices open to you, however we

    need to make some assumptions namely; You are intending to go into business by yoursel, with a partner

    or as a division o an existing company and, given that you are reading this document you are seriously

    considering The Energy Saving Business as your rst choice.

    With the urgent need or companies to reduce costs and the Energy Crisis gaining momentum it really is

    the perect time and opportunity to Prot With Integrity.

    These are the options open to you in a nutshell, you could:

    1. Buy an existing business2. Buy a proven ranchise

    3. Go it entirely alone and start rom scratch

    4. Invest in a well-developed Business Opportunity

    Buying an existing business that has been trading successully or many years is probably the saest o

    all options as long as you employ a team o experts to complete a nancial, legal and commercial due

    diligence on your behal to ensure you are getting what has been oered. I a business has a proven track

    record and you can be sure to maintain the momentum and keep abreast o market developments your

    success is airly certain.

    For this reason i an individual or company with a proven track record in the Energy Saving Business

    wishes to become an Accredited Independent Distributor o Enigins products and services this is

    available WITHOUT CHARGE subject to an initial investment in product and an agreed level o minimum

    monthly sales.

    However i you have either very limited or no quantiable experience in this industry and you would

    like Enigin to train and equip you then Enigin PLC charge accordingly, and when you have proved

    yoursel, they will give you back your initial investment. Most people nd this a perectly air and

    reasonable approach.

    For now however, lets consider the options

    When it comes to buying an established business the main downside, apart rom availability, is theup-ront investment required. At the time o writing I am aware o two established energy saving

    businesses recently placed on the market: -

    Business A. The company has been trading successully in the Pacic Rim or our years and the

    last accounts show a turnover o $685,000.00 returning a net prot o $200.000.

    The asking price is $1,000,000.00.

    Business B. This company, based in Europe, has been trading protably or over ten years with a

    current turnover or circa $8,000,000.00 returning a sustainable healthy prot.

    The company was allegedly put under oer at $14,000,000.00.


  • 8/7/2019 Don't Start an Energy Saving Business Until You Have Read This


    What this does serve to prove is that building your own successul business is one o the best ways o