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  • c thnh lp t nm 2008, Cng Ty C Phn Thit K Qung Co ng Nam vi cc hot ng trong lnh vc qung co chuyn nghip nh: Xy dng tng qung co sng to, sn xut chng trnh truyn hnh, phim t gii thiu, TVC (Television Commercial), xy dng k hoch qung cao PR, qung co truyn thng. chng ti lun c gng khng nh mnh qua cht lng sn phm v cc dch v qung co truyn thng sng to tr thnh mt trong nhng cng ty qung co hng u Vit Nam.

    Trong sut 5 nm xy dng v pht trin, bng chnh nng lc ca mnh, chng ti rt ly lm vinh d v hnh din n nhn c s quan tm v h tr hp tc hiu qu t nhiu khch hng, i tc trong v ngoi nc. vi chuyn mn sng to v b dy kinh nghim trong lnh vc qung co, p ng nhu cu tm kim nhng tng, hnh nh, thng ip n vi khch hng mc tiu trong vic xy dng v pht trin thng hiu.

    Vi phng chm ca chng ti l to nn gii php qung co sng to hu hiu nht.

    Introducing Established in 2008, Dong Nam Advertising Design JSC. activities in the field of advertising professional, such as: Building creative advertising ideas, producing television programs, Introducing Business Film, TVC, PR, advertising media. We always try to assert themselves through quality product and services, advertising media creative to become one of the leading advertising companies in Vietnam.

    During 5 years of construction and development, with the capacity of, we get very honored and proud to do so is to receive the attention and support for effective collaboration from multiple partners at home and abroad. with the creative expertise and experience film production to meet demand for research ideas, photos, creative advertising messages to target customers in the building and developing brands.

    with the guideline of us is creative innovative solution the most effective.

  • Gii thiuTn chnh thc CNG TY CP THIT K QUNG CO NG NAMThng hiu DONGNAM AdvertisingS giy php 0305859420Vn phng 14/18 o Duy Anh, P.9, Q.Ph Nhun, TP.HCMin thoi 08.6681 3738Fax 08.3842 4280Website

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  • Sn xut phim

    Sn xut phim qung co - TVC.Sn xut phim T gii thiu.Sn xut phim T liu - Chuyn .Sn xut chng trnh truyn hnh.

    Lnh vc hot ng

  • TVC m C Mau

  • TVC Alatca

  • TVC Hp Tr

  • TVC V An

  • TVC Megasun

  • TVC Ta An

  • T gii thiu Anova Corp

  • In n, pht hnh

    Thit k, in n, bin tp v pht hnh cc n phm thng mi.

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  • Truyn thng- a tin cc s kin trn bo giy, bo online, tp ch, TV.- Booking trn cc knh truyn thng. Xy dng k hoch truyn thng - PR.- Qung co ngoi tri : Thit k v thi cng bng hiu, hp n, qung co trn h thng xe but ton quc.

    Lnh vc hot ng

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  • T chc s kinL k nim thnh lp Cng ty.Hi ngh khch hng.L ng th - khi cng.Hi tho chuyn .

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  • Chp hnh v thit k qung co

  • Chp hnh v thit k qung coChp hnh v thit k qung co

  • S lc gii thiu Chng ti tri qua nhiu nm xy dng v pht trin, bng chnh nng lc ca ton nhn vin Cng ty, chng ti rt ly lm vinh d n nhn c s quan tm v hp tc cng qu Khch hng trong v ngoi nc trong thi gian qua. Chng ti s mang thng ip, hnh nh thng hiu ca Qu cng ty n gn hn vi khch hng tim nng.

    Nn tng pht trin

  • Trit l kinh doanhChng ti t ho v trit l kinh doanh ca mnh. Bi chng ti cho rng t thn trit l y l mt bng chng sng ng v hng hn chng t chng ti suy ngh cho cng vic ca mnh nghim tc nh th no. n gin chng ti cho rng "Thu t s hon ho ngay trong tim thc"

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  • Trit l kinh doanhTrong cng ty chng ti, tht d dng cho cc thnh vin nhn ra vn ha cng ty l s pha trn hi ha gia phng php qun l chuyn nghip v tnh nhn bn rt Vit Nam. Vi khch hng v ngay c vi i th cnh tranh, hnh vi ng x ca chng ti lun th hin r rt tnh chn thc, khim tn v trng th. Vi chng ti, v tr thp nht trong cng ty cng chnh l v tr c coi trng nht bi l nh m chng ti c th khc phc cc yu im ca mnh pht trin mt cch vng chc v nhanh chng.

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  • Dnh cho nhn vinHy lun ngh bn c th & c kh nng lm tt hn nhng th bn ang lm hin ti.Hng ngy, bn dnh cho cng ty thm ch hn 1/3qu thi gian c nhn, cng ty ang tr thnh gia nh ca bn y.Hy gi nim am m ca bn v hn tt c, n gip chng ta thi bng nhit tnh trong cng vic.

    Nn tng pht trin

  • Khch hng thc hin

  • Khch hng thc hin

  • DONG NAM ADVERTISING & DESIGN JSCAdd: 14/18 Dao Duy Anh Str, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan Dist, HCM CityTel: 08.6681 3738 - Hotline: 098 9988 763

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  • SN XUT CHNG TRNH TRUYN HNHProducing Television Programs

    PHIM T GII THIUMovie Introduce Myself

    PHIM QUNG CO THNG MITVC(Television Commercial)

    PHIM PHNG S CHUYN Released The Film Seminars

    XY DNG K HOCH QUNG CO TRUYN THNGConstructing Plan For Media Advertising

    T CHC S KINEvent

    THIT K - IN NDesign - Printing


    QUNG CO NGOI TRIOutdoor Advetising

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